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Saturday, September 01, 2001

Recording & promoting 'temperamental angel' in Los Angeles 2000 - Sept 2001

quite a rocky time for mz moon as she evolved into a warriorgirl to survive what was to become a revolution Kicking off the new millennium with a new album - Los Angeles June 2000 6th June 00 - Well folks this is better than a newsletter. I'm going to try and write in here as much as possible so you can see what it's like to be me. Not that it's particularly unique, but so many people have wanted a newsletter of some sorts and so many people ask 'what are you doing nowadays gilli?' that I just think a diary is the perfect thing! So where to start. Well this year has been full of energy. We've (the Jessica Christ band) been playing the traps around L.A to great crowds and not so great crowds (you have to take the good with the band), sometimes rude club managers and sometimes great promoters. Playing live in L.A is somewhat challenging because you never really know who's going to come and see you on any given night. We had all of 15 people at The Mint on Pico ,but a couple of weeks earlier the club was packed at the Gig. The other night I played a solo gig at the Java Lounge in Sherman Oaks, under the auspices of Songsalive!, and even though the place is tiny, the crowd was healthy and SO attentive. It was such a nice feeling! 15th June 00 - I've been battling with the ideas flowing in my head about my music. I have had so many deep and emotional events that have taken place over the past year... the new songs are all very autobiographical.. like you will hear the beginning, middle and end of the relationship in one sitting. The edge is interesting. No more miss nice girl. I'm coming alive! 23rd June 00 - Booked a gig at the Circle of Songs at The Gig, Pico Blvd. First solo gig since 1998. Interesting feeling... Recording new music has been a sensational ride. I feel like I'm finding myself all over again. Temperamental Angel is in the can. Next song, Disgrace, all about the woes. Ahhh, the woes.. 26th June 00 - I have loved every project I have worked on. But not every person I have worked with. Creativity is not always understood by others. And sometimes, no matter how much you give, "they" always want more.. and "they" blame you for any breakdown. My path as the spiritual warrior has been arduous and some have thrown stones. But he who is of no sin, cast the first stone. Viva la revoluzione! 2nd July 00 - I've given myself a deadline. I think you need to give yourself deadlines every once in a while. So it's September 1. I want the new sound to have evolved by then. It's a very exciting process, to finally realize as an artist that the sound you have so longed for has finally arrived.. inside. Last Tuesday night I hosted the 2nd Songsalive! Songwriters Showcase at the Java Lounge. It was fun. We had some delightful songwriters performing, and for such a city as L.A, the crowd was so responsive, sensitive to the music and were actually listening! L.A crowds can sometimes be worse than frogs in their own lily pond.. oblivious to the talent onstage. Sometimes I wonder why they ever go out. I'm looking forward to my first solo show since September 1998. It'll be on the 25th July at the Java Lounge and fairly acoustic. Circle of Songs is up next at the Gig West L.A. Nice club, sometimes disconcerting as you never really know how many are in the crowd what with all the pillars to hide behind! 19th July 00 - In the quiet I can hear more. Coming up with a concept for an album can be an arduous task if you think you have to "find" a concept. Like direction and style, a concept can take forever. And so as mine, but without realizing it, it has been a subconscious development. Ever since my 4th year Art Major Exhibition I have been struggling with the concepts of the mask and persona, how we relate to each other as human beings, and how we express ourselves and our personality. Project X (no title yet) will uncover my findings. Stay tunes for more on this music project. 27th July 00 - Incredibly I am surviving a full-time job, burning the midnight candle and getting up at the crack of dawn. The "album", which I will now refer my recording fetish as, is coming along seamlessly, like it's a message from God. We are recording, arranging and singing everything with ease, with smiles, and no pain. Having only started on the 1st May, we are nearly done. An amazing feat. August will be the month of finishing up and we should be mixing by the first week of September. I have the title already but I won't be letting the cat out of the bag just yet. Watch this space for more! I performed at the Songsalive! Showcase on Tuesday night to an intimate audience. There's something about Sake and an egg shaker that go down well. I am weary from my long days, but so energized and fuelled by my new creative freedom. I am alive. I have been reading the papers with scrutiny regarding the Napster case. Wow, what a time we live in, hey! I have put a poll up on this site for viewers to respond with their say, and posed a question on the Songsalive! Discussion Board. My binder is getting thick with all the controversy but I continue to inform myself of every little detail. I am fascinated with the arguments, both sides. For the first time in decades, all facets of the music industry are "talking", even if some are arguing. This industry is buzzing again and we are in midst of revolution... the digital revolution.. and the music revolution. 31st July 00 - Only 5 more sessions to go. Wow, that makes this music project a 4 month project. Wow wow wow. 5 years to get to this internal exhilaration and 4 months to make it happen. wow! 7th August 00 - Saturday was a great recording day. We laid down the final vocals for the album. I'm still shocked that this whole recording experience will have been completed within 4 months. "Alive" has been the coup de force and the surprising winner. I kind of dreamed the song up, hummed a few bars in the car, quickly came up with chords on the piano, then walked into the studio and demanded it take precedence among all the other impending tracks to do. Recorded the piano in one take. Sang it in one take. And it really is a powerful, beautiful song. I think it will close the album because it has such "hope" attached to it, that it's like the final breath of fresh air amongst angst, turmoil and introspection. I can't believe how easy it has been. It's like these kind of processes that just flow, are like messages from the heavens, telling you 'it's right.' I have never had a project flow so well, with no hassle. Well, we haven't mixed yet so perhaps I'm speaking too soon. Performing at the Circle of Songs, songwriters night at The Gig, last Wednesday night, was really enlightening. Having 4 other singer/songwriters on stage is inspiring, but at times daunting. Most of the time we are waiting for our "turn", but it's great to appreciate others' music. This city is filled with talented writers. I have to commend The Gig, though. It's the only club I know where a Television screen is facing the stage. It's like they provide TV just for the performers while on stage. How bizarre!!! Have you ever noticed that the Valley is supposedly the biggest industry of porn in the world, and yet you're not allowed to go topless on the beach? No that's bizarre. 18th August 00 - While only two recording sessions to go before we do the giant mixing, I have, over the last few days, become quite introspective in remembrance of my years here in L.A. The time has flown. It's over 4 years now, if I was to count the actual months, although I have been back to Australia three times during that time, one for 7 months. So I guess it's really been 3 years. And so, today, 17th August 2000, I sat down to write: 21st August 00 - I've had an overwhelming interest and matching response to my 'story so far'. I guess this is the highest form of self-expression, being honest, and open, whether it's music, voice or just plain words. It is like a cathartic release to write about what has happened to me in L.A, in order for me to be able to move forward, for now is when I will need all my strength. I've been so engrossed with the Napster debate, and sick of all the Hollywood Reporter articles going back and forth on the subject, that I I've decided to take things into my own hands. I will not stop giving my music away for people to listen to - mp3 downloads. I think it's important in my indie- promotion process. But what I have started up through is a subscription offer, where people who like my music can listen to it all the time, all day long, 7 days a week for only $1.99 a month. That's all I ask, that in downloading my songs you also subscribe, and then you can receive the new album's worth FIRST. subscribe to the music channel. Music subscriptions is the future of the internet. We can't ignore how amazingly quick it is to send music files around the world in a matter of seconds. All we need to do is educate our listeners that music has a price.. not an expensive price, and certainly no longer controlled by the hungry Major tyrants, but still, music is a service and I as an artist and songwriter am providing a service through my time, blood, sweat and tears, in order that I also get a return. So I hope you enjoy the gilli moon channel. The album is so near finished. We did the second last session on Friday night and re-worked Naked. The version on the upcoming album will be edgier and tastier, and certainly something to stop browsing over. I haven't posted the new version on the site yet. In fact, it won't be posted until everything is finished. I don't have a release date yet. I'm still in recording mode and can't think about all that till it's time. This project will have a deliverance of it's own and I have no control except to allow the winds of fate to drive its course. I'm very excited. 22nd August 00 - Today we finished Phase I - all the recording. I took Evan out for dinner because he deserved it. Boy oh boy oh boy.... we started less than four months ago and here we are ready to mix... And it was almost.... painless. I mean this has been an enjoyable experience and it makes it all the worth while when one is working with a good friend, whom I see in Evan Beigel, and a talented one at that. Tonight we finished the opening ceremony "Communication", which is an ode to my past relationship, and all relationships really.. whether good or bad. Frankie-boy, the Duke, made such a great impression on didgeridoo and we knew he was having a real trip performing the two minutes of circular breathing. We almost lost him to the studio couch forever, sucked up by the microphone and never to be heard from again... With didg as the bed, the remainder of the track is my opening intro voice over and a few weird things I orchestrated on my home 8 track... an argument ensues, followed by a few grunts and groans.... you know... relationship talk. Last Friday night we added trombone to "Time" and ""Why Do You Love Me Still". Evan had to polish his rusty chops before he played, but by night's end we found clarity in his lost teenage years.. I now know what he did all through school..... hmmm, no wonder he needed to let loose through college. As for me, I'm now content and in anticipation, with excitement, for Phase II, the mixing process, which starts Sept 8. Until then, you'll see me only at the beach on my rollerblades! Hasta la vista baby... 6th September 00 - One down, 9 to go. Tracks that is (nine songs and one Opener, called the Opening Ceremony). Mixing has begun. Tonight was "Time". An effortless yet 8 hour long mix which Evan accomplished without a bead of sweat on his brow. And we even had time for pizza. Without automation it requires some skill so B.J.E invented the next best thing... Adat automation. Never heard of it? I'm going to get him to patent it before I give you his secret away. You'll have to hear for yourself and see if there's any difference! 4 more days to go. Thurs 14th September 00 - created the Warrior Girl Music Newsletter which has latest buzz and news as well as some diary entries. It's been wild but mixing is pretty much done, although EJB is probably going to do a little bit of tweaking with some lead vocals. On the 7th we mixed Touch Me, an 8 hour joy ride and then Friday night the 8th we did two songs - Plenty, a possible hit factor and my favorite mix, and Why Do You Love Me Still. It was a late one with us up mixing by noon (yes a sleep in) to do Temperamental Angel, the title track, mixed in 4 hours, followed by Disgrace, a music mix of 1 hour and 15 minutes. It's embarrassing but EJB was nailing the mixing like drinking water and we even had time to go and give our ears a rest with other music, the excellent Cafe R&B at the Mint. I felt like death warmed up though as i hadn't seen daylight and EJB was worse because he never sees daylight period. Back on Sunday with a remix of Naked and finally Alive. Swimming, well, came straight from a Dat done in March when I had come into the studio to sing and play straight to dat for a demo, but we've ended up using it because it captured the emotions we were looking for, even though the vocals are raw. Raw is good. This album is truly organic, autonomous, real, raw, passionate and me. No over-produced shit, and maybe you might think it's shit, but it's pure diamond to me and EJB. We are proud parents right now. We've been listening to mixes all week with some time off as my ears were fried, but I think it's right. I got a little nervous after listening to it on my crappy stereo system, but EJB played it in the car and says it's "a record baby." It'll get mastered next week down-under with the awesome Paul Bryant so when it comes back from him then I know I can hear it again. I'll keep you posted.... This is the vulnerable time. Meanwhile Libby Lavella and I entertained a 400 pax Aussie and American mixed crowd at Cyrano last night with quite a few familiar faces wandering around. It was fun, a few smashed, great drinks and thanks to the MKD promoters and Qantas. I had to sing Didgeridoo Dreaming as it fitted the opening of the Olympics celebration. Also finished off my Flash front pages to and I'm exhausted. 19th September 00 - Leaping out of exhaustion I got hit by a train... yes the Flu. Uggh. Body is telling me... sshhhh... go to sleep... relax.... But I have to work through it. Last night, after several nights of listening, thinking, juggling, sighing and uncertainty, I finally came up with an album song order. The album needs to flow i a way that it captures the concept and keeps the listeners riveted. I wrangled in my room mate and friends to give me their opinions and to a sigh of relief it was accepted and enjoyed by all. Today the final mixed Dat was couriered to Paul to master. This is the crucial Phase. Here we are, we have arrived, in Phase 3. Mastering. Meanwhile, I am choosing the photos to use in the album art and re-learning my Quark Express software to get this artwork puppy done. Once again the whole concept will be revealed through the art so all of those Napster graduates will not get the full picture if they think they can just download mp3s of my new album and be satisfied. To me, an album is everything, the whole package. Aural and Visual. 1st october 00 - last night i sent out the press release hinting to the upcoming album. It's an exciting feeling. Paul Bryant is mastering the dats right now in Sydney and should have them back soon. The artwork is taking longer than I thought. I think it's because I'm not wanting to rush it, and also because by the time i come home at the end of a long day, i'm exhausted. Two nights ago mum called me from Australia to tell me that "Feel For You" and "Plenty" (the latter coming out on the album) won best Pop Ac category at the Song Expo in The Netherlands, plus I topped best entry from Australia. I can't believe Feel For You gets so much attention. But winning songwriting awards is not like the Grammys. No one, except the songwriting community, knows about you. It's like the small inner circle. Having this gig at Lulu's on the 14th will be fun, keeping a small acoustic set until i officially launch the record. Back to the piano to practice. 15th october 00 - performed at lulu's beehive cafe and the place was pumping. i tried 'plenty' on the piano solo and while playing i could hear all the instruments in my head that's on the record. Release party has been announced - tuesday 28 november. i am so excited. Right now I'm awaiting the mastered dat from Paul in Oz. It's currently in route with Airborne Express. The artwork is finished. i was up all nights last weekend finishing that and have posted on the web site. Ambrose in Oregon at Riddle Press is currently working on the booklets. I feel like the whole world is in this! It's quite frustrating right now because i have nothing on me. Artwork is out, music is out, and i'm just waiting for couriers! Hopefully next week i can get the dat to Lester in Hollywood to press and if all goes well, the cds could be for sale by the 1st of November. I need a big sleep now..... 16th october 00 - oh my god. i'm sitting here listening to the mastered dat, hot off the plane while i type. the dat machine is right near me, the earphones on my head... the candle lit... this is the first time i'm hearing the record truly as you will. i'm so excited. i am so happy with it. it's so strong. so fiery. attitude. me. if i die today i know i have given birth to my true creativity. i hope you like it. i'm actually crying right now. it has taken me a long time to arrive at this point. i have battled, and i have hurt. i have traveled far. and lost my nearest and dearest. i have been alone. a lot. my music my only friend. and here i am. on the eve of deliverance. i am the only one who has heard it and i don't care if it is never received by anyone the same way i am enjoying it, for i have learned to love, with a passion, the story i must tell. still, i cherish those who will take it in to their hearts. thank you. 23rd november 00 - it's thanksgiving day today. being australian, this is a little unfamiliar to me. i'm still trying to understand it's meaning, but symbolically it's a coming together of family and friends to eat loads of food. share stories. and love one another. ooh i'm getting all mushy. last night Temperamental Angel received it's first press review, from the Star Newspapers, Chicago. I've posted it on the site and I'm very, very happy. The album release party is tuesday night. get to release a bit of pent up tension. yippee. hope you can make it down there. 28th november 00 - Hi all. I just wanted to thank everyone who was either in L.A tonight and could come to the Album Release Party, or who had sent their very best wishes through cyberspace from the other parts of the globe. We had a really sweet Live Show tonight at the Art Cafe in Sherman Oaks, CA., celebrating the now official INTERNET release of "Temperamental Angel". Thanks to everyone who attended, and to the awesome musicianship by Ric Craig (drums), Evan J. Beigel (keyboards and co-producer of the album), Gordie Germaine (guitar) and Jeff Dean (bass). Also a thanks to the other Songsalive! performers Libby Lavella, Cindy Alter and Jimi Yamagishi (also helped with sound). Like the chameleon I am branded as, my wings sat gracefully on my back and my heart was in my hands once again. But it only works when the audience is right with you, and those who were there, truly were with us all tonight. The official Album Release (street/retail) will be around March next year, but right now, it's available on the internet and I hope you all grab yourself a copy and discover the art of having a personality crisis, a thousand love affairs and delicious sensuality all in 45 minutes. Take care all - gilli moon 27th january 01 - so sorry it's been a while since my last entry. let's just say that a lot has happened and then i've also made sure i had time to not do anything as well! the first part of this teaser i'll explain. my label, Warrior Girl Music has just inked a National distribution deal for the U.S, so we release the new 2001 Cds of "Temperamental Angel" plus a few vinyl of some dance remixes, on April 10 to U.S retail. Some great reviews have come in... very happy about that, including one this week in Music Connection, L.A. Go Press. The Cd made top 25 albums of the year in Chicago Star Newspapers (no. 9 surpassing No Doubt and a few other commercial faves.) What else... a video being made of Temperamental Angel, dance remixes of T.Angel and Naked, an Australian distribution opportunity pending for late 2001, a couple of great gigs coming up, go Tours, including Wednesday 14th February - Valentine's Day at The Gig West L.A (Circle of "Love Songs), and Thursday 8th March at The Gig, Hollywood with the full band - and i'm currently designing the one-sheets and posters for the retail stores. Being the independent label, artist, producer, manager etc is a 24/7 job... but i'm loving it! And then of course throughout all this i actually had time to take off over Xmas and New Year spending 5 weeks on the Aussie Property with the folks, swimming, going for my ritual dusk runs, eating fish and vegies, and chilling, getting my energy ready for this year. I hope you all come along for the ride and if you haven't heard some of the tracks from the album yet, please do at It's also for sale everywhere on the net (amazon etc plus at my web site, and there's a really interesting story so far of my last 4 years in L.A, worth a mention for all those budding songwriters and artists out there who want to know how weird and wonderful it is going the indie way. It's called "Living in a Meverick Town". By the way i just want to say that Ani di Franco is now my definite icon as a one-woman music and business machine. you go girl. So glad you enjoy reading up on the warrior girl music espionages... ; peace to all and a humble happy year, gilli moon. (read the press February 2001 - a girl from the outback reaches U.S Audiences) 7th february 01 - i feel so alive. i mean, bursting with joy. how can that be? i am broke, well soon to be after all these promotional and manufacturing people take my money, i am working a nine to five job and NOT on tour like i'd like to be, my music is NOT on the radio yet and i haven't rehearsed the band yet. BUT - I'm brimming with joy! Because very soon, it will all start to HAPPEN. The ball is rolling. I have been spending my nights re desiging the cd cover for a 2001 release and barcode info for my beautiful distributor Kaisonic, and designing posters for the retail stores, and a on-sheet to give to the distributor for retail. Then of course there's the constant phone calls trying to pin down the right (and cheap) radio person to take my music to retail. And after that I've been hounding the press for reviews and inclusions and so far 4 nice reviews are in plus more in the works. The band, Jeff Dean, Ric Craig and Gordie Germaine, are all keen and we will be rehearsing Tuesday nights from now on. We slam into the gig mode Feb 27 songsalive! showcase, March 8 The Gig, Melrose and now just scored The Mint for the labum launch April 10. An agent is hungry to send the cd out to his buyers so a tour is very tangible if we get some activity with sales and radio. Warrior Girl Music is now a fully fledged Label... working over time with a team to get things going. I'm SO EXCITED. I have deadlines coming out of my and the schedule is up on my wall at home above my computer (which has become my best friend.) AND I've had time to do my running (going for a 10k on Sunday) and writing songs on the piano - which got a little dusty over Xmas. Man, so much is going on and I am just loving it because I'm "getting my hands dirty" in the whole marketing and promotion game. Thrilled! Sleep..... 22nd february 01 - gosh, how moody does one become when there is so much to do! i've been sweating getting the one sheets printed for retail and radio. warrior girl music now has a radio promoter who will be taking the cd to radio mid march. she is wonderful and is also doing the radio campaign for ani di franco, which is so coincidental as i was just mentioning her last time! it's so cool to be in such great company. the reviews have been wonderful. not a bad word yet. i spent last sunday trodding down old train tracks downtown l.a in a sticky black plastic dress with dark sunnies, my 'don't mess with me' boots, and white wings, while a train came by. we were filming the rest of the footage of the "Temperamental Angel" music video. see more of that here. they then had me wrapped in saran wrap, naked, in the living room. thanks maureen, aaron and jeff.. i love getting naked with you! 8th march 01 - just got home from The Gig, Hollywood where Jeff, Gordie, Ric and I played at Mike Galaxy's Industry Showcase. I felt it went really well and we sold quite a few cds plus accumulated new fans. The sound was abit hit and miss at the start but it warmed right up. Both Jeff and I wore our wings and Ric adorned my pink feather bower by the 6th song. I love "doing Hollywood" because you can wear whatever you want on stage and infact so do the people in the audience. Tonight for me it was simply freaky colored hair and my angel wings. It's been pretty turbulent these past few weeks. Must be PMS... for the guys out there that is a combination (for me) of women's things plus major record company executive "I'm putting out a record" kind of stress! I sent 200 packages to the non-comm radio stations yesterday with the help of Cindy Alter who has come on board as P.A at Warrior Girl Music. She is such a help. We also have Kelly Hammett from RSE on board doing PR and she's just great all round for supporting me. She wore my Warrior Girl Music t-shirt to a meeting the other day. Right on! Elizabeth, my cousin and sister tonight sold cds and merchandise and wore the WGM t-shirt too (These t-shirts were made by Geoff Peters from PwC as a gift that totally surprised me and i was so surprised and excited that i nearly cried. He had walked in to my office last week with it on and I just couldn't believe the immense generosity. anyway, back to the gig - we had a large crowd. Excited. Supportive. Mike Galaxy on lights, Lee on sound. The venue is like Coyote Ugly without the coyotes... And then after a bunch of us went and drank beers at Jones' on Santa Monica Blvd where George Clooney hangs out often. We didn't see George and that was kind of disappointing because I've been wanting to propose to him for some time now. Oh well, maybe next time. So back to radio. I seem to be jumping all over the place tonight which seems only natural after the high of performing and, oh yeah, 4 beers. So, radio. I have been in touch with Gavin magazine and Album Network Magazine and it looks like I'll be getting some reviews and maybe a sampler listing in support of the existing radio promotion i've got going with Crystal Ann who hits the AAA non-comms on behalf of Michele Clark. Crystal Ann is also promoting Ani Di Franco's record which is so coincidental. The guys at the radio mags are really nice and I'm glad that I'm making the calls. A happy Aussie voice on the other end of the phone really gets you places in this business. Look out for merchandise at the gigs. So far we already have t-shirt, mugs, mouspads and sweaters. click here. The booklets are done with the 2001 copyright and Ernie is getting the new cds printed off for the distribution copmany in Florida. I am also considering launching in Australia also at the end of the year so check Tours for tour dates downunder Christmas 01. On a different note, my INs immigration interview is on the 22nd March. After 3 years having been approved, my interview has come around. Could they send me home? I doubt it after all the work I've put into, and the taxes I've paid. The price one pays for living on the edge. A few more reviews are in and this Mint gig on April 10 looks like a whoppa. Stay tuned. We are getting very close to D-DAY! 24th March 01 - Apart from finally catching the flu that everyone else got.... I feel like a trooper! Several interviews this week allowed me to once again go through an amazing cathartic experience. I feel that when someone interviews you, you are able to self-analyze and get to know who you really are. I've had to talk about my childhood, why I became an artist, and truly dissect my album concept. So now I really understand it! I spoke to Amusement Business (a Billboard Magazine subsidiary), Music Connection, L.A, Music Dish (internet site) and Peter Gleeson's interview was published on Tomorrow I speak with Ballbuster magazine who are primarily hard rock but they go left of field too. The music video, Temperamental Angel, will be screened at Group 101's big event on 24 May. Radio add date is next Tuesday 27th. I'm looking forward to seeing the response at College and the likes of KCRW. Kiss Fm and KROQ would be good too, but for now we are targeting the non-comms. On Monday night we are performing at 14 Below with Jeff playing the upright double bass. How fab! It's getting busy and I'm starting to lose the hours in the day. Ughh. I feel so invigorated though~ Ric Craig, our band's drummer, bought a . it has many percussion sounds and you can play it with you hands only. emulates a real drum played by hands. We are going to try it out at the 14 Below gig. 5-1-01 What an amazing ride. The effervescent, and still awake (!) warrior girl has launched the cd, and is now trying to mow the lawns of all the radio station program directors so they will play her cd. Ha Ha! She is lying on the street outside Tower records in each area and city to stop traffic so people will go into the store and buy her cd, and she is now stooping as low as crashing protest groups and waving gilli moon banners outside McDonalds instead of 'save the cow.' I wonder if Ani Di Franco did this or Madonna, in the early stages. Well we all know what Madonna did! Will the perpetual warrior ever cease for one moment and enjoy the sunshine... what sunshine!? Los Angeles has been the pits when it comes to sunshine this year. Yeah, blue skies one day and.. what? Rain the next? How absurd! But that hasn't stopped our edgy Aussie pop diva (I use this because it makes one of her friends laugh out loud very much and he keeps saying it over and over again and she gets embarrassed. yes even a warrior girl gets embarrassed), where was i, oh yeah: that hasn't stopped our edgy Aussie pop diva from pursuing her marketing plan and distribution campaign down to a tee, thanks to Ernie and Kaisonic who is just as effervescent as the Label girl and her blue paint and black plastic dress. The blue warriors, the honest, hunky and adorable band who funk and groove with or without gilli moon, are knocking the socks off everyone and that makes gilli a proud mother goose. The Whisky a Go Go never saw anything like it last Thursday even though they've had, well, just about everybody there. But we have paint flying - and Gordie our guitarist enjoyed that on is body, dress swaying (that's mine), heads knodding, boots kicking, a voice warbling, and music well, will take you away to the MOON. It's quite funny that where once the gilli moon was so sweet and a 'play me in a piano bar anywhere' honey has turned almost heavy metal in her black boots but still so calm and sultry when "Naked" comes on. The Press seem to enjoy the controversy (go Press). The question is, will Britney Spears be happy flipping hamburgers? I dare you to come out and check a show. read the press release on all of this 5-30-01 In one month we packed the Whisky a Go Go on Sunset and Barfly on Sunset, premiered the temperamental angel music video clip at the Short Order Film Festival in Hollywood (Knitting Factory), organized June's touring to Arizona, took a whole mess of photos from the shows, finished 5 songs with Jeff and Franck in the development of a new pop band concept, and I finished my book on being a professional artist. I am so thrilled as an artist. I have been truly creative. Moreso, I have been running 3 miles a day. The battle has only just begun! 8th july 01 - interesting turn of events. as much as I'm weary from this year's promotion, i feel invigorated also. every step is up and positive. looks like i will be back in phoenix arizona this weekend to lock in the band dates for late august. then on the first weekend (labor day weekend) of september, I am taking the boys down to san diego for a show at the flame. then here i come australia, last two weeks of september is a promo tour of the east coast to coincide with the release of the album down under. then back to l.a then australia again in january for hopefully a nationwide tour. looks like i will be travelling alot! I'm amazed at how the team work is "working." i've always had to do everything myself and now i feel blessed to have people on my team who share the belief and vision and see a future for them also. on to something different... the weather in los angeles is heating up. i'm reminded that i live in the desert here. rachel gaudry is in town, fellow songsalive! artist ( and she is playing some clubs. it's great to catch up with her and i really like her album. i'm already thinking about my next album and have infact decided (thanks to the brainstorming with my cousin Elizabeth) of doing a 4 set album production - a quadrilogy, 'temperamental angel' being the first one. so i have a progression to do and it will be very exciting developing the concept. you can go next for the ideas on this... it's sunday here, so that's my day off and rachel and i are off to a bbq. 18th July 01 - ok. Just so you don't think, by reading all this diary stuff, that gilli moon's world is all bubblegum and balloons, let me air a little of my frustrations about living and working in Los Angeles as an artist. Last night was a typical example of the Hollywood bullshit I deal with on a regular basis... well everyone deals with. It just makes me want to GET OUT OF THIS TOWN! I won't name names, nor the club, but you can deduce it on your own. So, we arrive at the club for a promised 7pm load in, for a 7.30pm sound check, only to be waiting in the wings till quarter to 8 before we even get a glimpse of the stage because the other band who's after us feels the need to rehearse every line of their set! We finally get on stage and we are sound checking and I ask politely to the girl behind the bar, who seems as cold as a fridge, if we could 'please have our drink tickets' to which she replies with a tongue like ice, 'you have to get them from the manager in the back room.' She's oblivious to the fact i'm sound checking nor gives me an y nice sentiment what so ever. I realize then on another note that my name is not on the bill outside even though I booked the club months and months in advance to be featured (I've played this club many times before) AND I was already down by the fact that we didn't get a long load in time - i chose an early time slot so i could have the set up time for the props. uggh! Then I'm called into the ticket booth to be once again harassed by the guy at the door who looks at my 20 industry list and says, 'you can only have 10 free entry.' I sigh in exasperation... I mean! we're playing for free, we give it up for free, we work our butts off, and this is the kind of treatment we get in return??? So I go back stage, the bouncer at the back door is a bull dog and he literally picks up my roadie by the shirt and throws him back in side not letting him exist via the back door. Nice neighborhood! He yells at me for not indicating who's in my band. Like he NEEDS his power trip today. I then try and find some quiet minutes on my won backstage but need to pass the front to go to the bathroom, trying to avoid the audience (it gives me the jitters if I see anyone before a show) and the blondie at the bar yells at me to come over. she NEEDS to talk to me she says. I ask if it can wait till after. I don't want to be seen. No, she yells, so everyone hears her 'I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!' I reluctantly show my face and she then says, 'so, who's in your band to get free drinks or is it anyone who says 'Gilli' that gets free drinks. I say, 'no just the band thanks.' She says, 'well how will I know who's in the band?' I reply, 'anyone with blue paint on their cheeks.' She just didn't get it. So I'm trying to deal with her, avoid the people, who now (lovingly though) all want to chat.. and all I want to do is GET BACKSTAGE. Oh no, the door guy wants another word with me, so once again across the room a go... Ouch, I just want to go home! ANYWAY..... the band and I did a huge, great show. We had props, I painted 2 canvases, danced, jumped, got high, it was SO much fun. Maybe I need tension before a gig. After I get off stage and of course the bouncer immediately pushes us out the door so the boys gear is literally sitting on the sidewalk. Not even a minute to repose. These clubs do it every time. NO RESPECT! Can't they think of two simple things? One, supply backline. Wouldn't it be so much easier if all 4 or 5 bands who play on the night can use same drum kit and amps. It would save time and space. 2. Offer a secondary room goddammit! I mean, I played the Whisky a couple of weeks ago and it's brutal. Last song and you are sitting on your amp on the street on Sunset Blvd wondering 'how the heck do I get my car here to load the gear, before someone steals it, and then be able to park the car again (parking is the pits) so I can shmooze a little which is why I do this goddammit Sunset Strip gig in teh first place. Shit I'll just go home!' Ahh, so back to last night. I'm out and a bout in the crowd and, i must say, the audience gave a warm reception. I had a crazy come up to me and try and squeeze the life out of me in a bear hug that was close to needing a restraining order. Weird people in Hollywood. Then I'm dealing with some 20 year old industry person who thinks he's the answer to everything and gives me know feedback of the show.... why do they hire such kids!! Geezus! I go home and all I think about on my windy Canyon drive back over Beverly Glen is... I gotta get out of this town. I can't tell you how much energy I delivered, how much the band gave it up, How Scott Meehan the Art Director did a great job on props and lighting, Kelly Hammett on PR... I mean we did a great, great show.... AND FOR WHAT????? We sold 2 cds. That's ok. Not complaining. 2 is better than none. But in the long run, what's it all for? We need to go on tour. We need finance. We need to be seen by people WHO ARE NOT HOLLYWOOD WANKERS WHO HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ART! They say, 'give us hit songs, that's what we really need.' Well that saying is old. We gave 10 hit songs, a magic show with dance, action, energy, visual art and color, an awesome rock band. Those who don't see it, are naive. Record Companies out there - you are hiring the wrong people to scout talent. I'm so tired of the music industry bullshit. But I love my artistry. I'm passionate, strongly passionate about that. Goodnight. 9-3-01 oh my gosh it really has been a long time since I have updated the diary. It's 7.30am on a Monday holiday (Labor Day here in the States) and I can't stay asleep even though I went to bed at 2.30am after packing down two bean burritos and the local Taco stand in Hillcrest. Yes, that's what you do with you band members after gigs.. that late dinner, early morning snack, full of lard and fat, a comforting warmth in your belly after jumping up and down on stage al night. We performed San Diego for the first time at The Flame, this girl bar in Hillcrest. It was PACKED and I really enjoyed it. We had girls riveted to the stage, Mostly sitting on the floor gazing away, others at the back coolly absorbing the sounds, beer in hand. We are head throws into our tour. Last weekend we played in Phoenix, Arizona, two night and also live on Channel 3 on Good Morning Arizona. It's SO HOT out there. 120 degrees I'm sure. We do the Mint in L.A on Sept 13th and then Gordie (guitar) and I fly to Australia for three weeks touring Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle. It's Gordie's first trip to Australia so he's going to have his eyes opened. I think he might be surprised that kangaroos DOn'T hop down the main street of Sydney. I'm hoping to introduce him to the fine tasting of Vegemite sandwiches... When we get back from OZ and after our Whisky a Go Go gig on OCt 11 then Claremont on Sat 13, we are heading quietly into the studio again to record the next Cd. This has been an awesome year,and I'm excited about preparing for the next one. Onwards and upwards! ~