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Thursday, January 31, 2002

dealing with 911, and my first Australian Tour. Sept - Nov 2001

Australia Tour Sept - Nov 2001 Australia 2001 8th October 01 - Just goes to show how damn busy I've been. Ever since the 11th Sept events in New York and Washington, which rocked the world, I have been caught in a flurry of id reflections: where do i want to be? what country? where is it safe? will people still want to see my show compared to CNN...? I concluded that the show must go on. So I set sail for Australia and did a 3 week promo tour which I think went very well. Gordie Germaine came out from Los Angeles to play first guitar and he really enjoyed the trip. It was his first time in Australia. I found the music industry alot more receptive than in the past. Stephen Green, my publicist, was amazing and flogging the media over the head with gilli moon stuff, to the point of saturation. Hey that's great! Rob and Michelle Cole at Ralph Music coordinated the shows and I'm really looking forward to working with them again on the March tour 2002 which should get us touring right around Australia this time. I had a few interviews with the media and out of it a great interview with Michael Smith in Drum Media, the Newcastle Herald, and the All are at Press. The highlight was the Wollombi Festival which was a totally humbling, feral, relaxing experience and my home town had never seen the show in its full glory so that was really special. The Empire Hotel gig with Amanda Easton was equally fun. The ride out to Nepean University was long, and when we got there the crowd wasn't too big. It's hard to perform to 19 year old music students who looked a lottle skeptical, but overall an important gig to do and we hope to go back again, maybe for Friday afternoon show, rather than a midday, 'in between seminars' show. Gordie got to see the lights and harbour of Sydney as well as the bush. He led the life of a rockstar, touring, fans and, yes, a girl or two... I spent quality time with the folks and decided with them to build my own studio/home on the property some time next year, which will combine an art gallery, studio, shop, and outdoor open plan kitchen, with a spectacular view. I really enjoyed being in the Bush! I think my company Warrior Girl Music spent a shit load of money doing the Australia tour, which included pole poster printing and distribution, some newspaper Ads, 2 airline flights, day to day costs... but all worth it in the end. I can't wait to go back again. For the first time ever in Australia I think the media, industry and audience actually appreciated what I was about and I felt that they 'got it' for the first time. I didn't have to prompt interviewers and they knew exactly what to write, getting the concept by listening to the Cd. I am very happy about this. All I need to do more now is tour, tour, tour! 10-15-01 I've been pretty stroppy these last few days, getting off a plane from Australia is a big deal... leaving my lovely home... coming back to war, bombings and anthrax. Well I cheered up today cos in the mail I received a letter from the Benelux International Song Expo (Holland), which I have won songwriting awards through before, but this time I got: Song 2001 - "Temperamental Angel" and "Why Do You Love Me Still" (That's the best song overall, not by categories or anything. I WON the whole damn thing.) And I also received Best Entry from each participating country (Australia) "Temperamental Angel" Wow! I feel honoured. The winner... me... gets the invite to go to Holland next year (don't know when) to perform at the Song Expo Award Ceremony, and I get a few Dutch Guilders and some medals. Yippeeeeee!!! Thought I'd share! 10-30-01 Wow. I sold my desktop and bought the new Compaq Presario 1720US Notebook which is really fast and has the new Windows XP on it. I used to always have a notebook and for some weird reason I got it in my head that i needed a desktop for graphics. Anyway, ..... I don't. And I'm thankful I was able to revert back to a notebook without losing too much money. Although desktops DO depreciate and notebooks don't as much, so I lost a bit of money. The cool thing though, is now I can sit in my bed and write my diary for the web. I have not found much time to write for the diary but just before I go to bed is a perfect time. It's funny how we find the best times to do things. I find I can write my diary at night, almost like a purge from the day. Yet I prefer to write, write, like as in book writing, first thing in the morning. If I don't get up straight away and start writing, I can't write. If I even for a second contemplate about writing, say wait an hour, I can't write, and the day is lost. That's how my first and new book "I Am A Professional Artist" came about. I got up in the mornings and wrote. If I start early enough I can keep going all day. But as I say, I have to start straight away. As for songwriting, that's coming more seldom these days and I don't know why. I sometimes get 20 minutes in, maybe in the afternoon, and then I get bored and don't want to sit at the keyboard. I think it's because I'm still in the Temperamental Angel promotional phase so if I start writing new stuff it's like, and end of an era. Mind you, I wrote this fab song last Sunday in Phoenix called "Woman." I felt the need to write a song of that title, as it will be the title track of the next record, "Woman," but a couple of versions of the song were not coming together. Then BANG, this song poured out of me from the divine, like an amazing crystal geyser. The song has already received great feedback, so I feel encouraged to record it. I've been wondering, on a different note, what my next steps are.... I have done everything one should do (and I mean an indie record company) to push the record. I've done all the steps. But of course in my meager budget. There are some things I have not been able to compete in... radio, retail space, advertising... all of which come down to one simple thing: money. But not just any money, for I could borrow from a bank. No, the right money, from the right sources, to the right people. The Majors have monopolized the industry and almost cripple it with their poor taste in music (and victimizing our poor teenagers with horrid fashion and music taste.) I mean I haven't been able to get a look in to retail for shelf space. Let alone visibility. I don't have the money to compete to put ads in the Tower Records magazines and the like. The Majors also simply rent the retail space. There's no room for anyone else. And what about radio, huh? Yeah like the DJ is going to get to hear my song after the programme director has been properly serviced, I mean bribed to add certain Major Label songs to the play list after they get their advertising sold to the Majors, and after they get their free trips to the Bahamas and so forth. Ok so they may not all be on Coke anymore, but it's all the same thing. Nothing's changed: PAYOLA is still here. And if anyone out there disagrees with me then I challenge you to tell me just who, WHO, has been able to get heard on radio out of just the sheer beauty of the song, without any convincing with money, advertising spend or freebies. Tell me, WHO???? Nobody, that's who. While the rest of us are relegated to community stations who are the only TRUE indicators of good music AND they are usually all volunteers anyway so they can't be doing their job for the money - they must be doing it for the music! But then who's going to get CHARTED on community radio. Beats me... And how about touring. Any person who knows anything in this industry will tell you that to break your music you have to tour. Great! For free???? Cause all these clubs love the 'pay to play' deal where the artists have to bring in a certain number of people in to get paid. I mean, don't these clubs realize WE are providing ENTERTAINMENT that has VALUE. That means, buckaroo... PAY US. But NO, they all say, you must tour the country to get noticed. Pay your dues. So while the MAJOR artists, no matter how good or BAD they are, are positioned in the cream gigs, sidling with Sheryl, Alanis, Stevie, etc, etc, the little indies are left to the coffee houses asking, "please sir, I want some more... (one more dollar for the tip jar and I can actually buy a coffee.) I feel like I'm a beggar sometimes. I shouldn't have to beg for a dollar. Wow, sitting in bed writing really gets the creative juices going. I'm going to sign off before my friends in high places all think I'm a crack up! 13th nov 01 - Hi everyone! It's been a while but I've been in the laboratory concocting the next creative project, plus also taking a bit of a breather. I'm still in "breathing mode" but that hasn't stopped my nature, which is to "create." October and November are months of inner creating as an artist, and on the outside I've been busy working with Songsalive! ( and developing some new fires for Warrior Girl Music, all of which you can read about below in the Buzz section. But first, a few performances that you can catch me in soon... I hope to see those who are near, at these events. And for those who are far, soon, soon, I will be at your shores again! Some people want more scoop on Australia. Ok, here it is. I posted this in the Nov eNews: Having had to postpone the Melbourne leg of the tour, due to the unfortunate terrorist incidents in New York which delayed flights for me and guitarist Gordie Germaine, I DID make it to Australia mid September and enjoyed every moment. This was the first time I had "toured" my home country. As a promo tour, preparing for a longer, national tour next year, Gordie and I performed around NSW, including Sydney, The Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley. The highlight was the Wollombi Festival which brought together a talented and colourful community of musicians, artisans and healers. The band that performed all the shows were intense and exciting, comprising of Lloyd G on drums who has been working with me on and off for 7 years, as well as newcomers Nathan Valero, Luke Dixon and Luke Herbert. While in Oz, I greeted the press on all fronts.. with fire, I tell you. I certainly wanted people to know I had finally come home! We had interviews with Drum Media, The Newcastle Herald. the Queensland Times, and the album "temperamental angel" received strong reviews in various newspapers across the country which was so empowering and reminded me that it truly is a great thing to record music that you love! Because then others will love it too! We also performed on, a fab internet show hosted by Cleo the fab body painted (by yours truly with every color in the paint palette) glam gorgeous gal. Gordie and I also had time to relax in the Bush and write music with the crickets, possums and frogs to keep them company! This truly was a sneak peak at what gilli moon "could be" down-under, and we will definitely give it a go in 2002 too! For those who want more info on that, or who want to get involved in stringing together a tour, please contact Ralph Music at 02.4758.7750 1 dec 01 - I don't usually complain about my lot in life. I usually embrace life with all it's glory. I know I can change anything in this life, anything. It's just a matter of will, and of trust. I have been president of Songsalive! for 5 years as a volunteer, not earning a salary, giving my time and energy for the altruistic vision that I founded the organization on, I have attracted people who are like-minded. Recently I copped a lot of flack from an artist who could not see the vision. Who felt it in her right to condemn, defame and insinuate things about the organization and my involvement. I'm not going to put up with it. I'm not going to put up with anyone who goes behind Songsalive!'s back to meddle and create problems, based on false accusations and erroneous comments. I implore our members to see the big picture of what we are doing and trying to do. It is a choice. You either join us and our vision, or you go do your own thing. Just take your bullshit with you. Thank you. 30th jan 02 - well that last entry was a trifle angry. so where am i today... a new year a new me a new album coming along. I had a wonderful trip to Oz for only two weeks but soaked up the glorious sunshine and water. i miss australia more and more these days and it's been 4 and a half years in l.a. that's a long time in one place, at least for me. so april i will set sails back to Oz for about 6 months to enjoy home-life and touring down-under. it will be loads of fun. meanwhile I'm trying to record as much as possible for the new album and start putting stuff in storage as i'm letting the apartment go in sherman oaks. i have a great Songsalive! team here to keep things rolling as we coast towards the Expo in September. i've had a bit of a blast from the past with my old record label saying i can't reference any art work i did for them in my resume. what's "that" all about. who knows. they should at least learn to give credit where credit is due. anyway moving on, a gig is coming up at The Vine in Phoenix on the 9th Feb, and also 16th Feb at Rusty's Surf Ranch at the Santa Monica Pier with the blue warriors. yipppee. back soon.