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Thursday, December 03, 2009

I am elated. My album is done.

I feel so inspired.

I'm feeling so much lighter.
What I am is all I need to be.
(Song:I AM)

Ladies and gentlemen, my album is done. I completed mastering today at Oasis Mastering in Burbank. 14 tracks and a year to create them. THE STILLNESS.

I am literally crying. What an opus. What a year. What a purge.

I think about finding the stillness. I have felt it, so well, recently. It comes from years... decades... of reaching for it, travelling life and feeling the ups and downs. I have done it, pretty much, on my own, this road as an artist. I've felt the heartache, I've felt pain, I've felt elation, and constant creation. I have had lessons, really hard lessons. I've been a warrior girl, an independent artist constantly striving for victory... dealt with harshness of the music business, and people in that... and continued to run my own affairs and held strong to my dreams... and I have come through the vortex to the other side...
I'm an enigma in my own living room, can't seem to get my tongue to hit the words I want to say
and everything I feel, all that I am I throw out naked
I'm yearning for the outcome of my days to caress my childhood fairytales....
What are you waiting for?.. to run with the wind in my face and swim in the deepest oceans...
and listen to the stillness (Song: The Stillness)
I have had a real love affair with my music, the piano and the music biz. It's been rocky, but when I sit on the piano, i forget the biz, and think of the ivories:
I want to tumble with you inside outside and round and round, till we sleep in the rain clouds. I want to feel everything about you and you of me, inside outside tumbling free (Song: Outside In)

I am so ambitious. I almost gave up. Truly. You may not know that of me. But a little while ago, just before I started putting this album together, I got really tired. You would too if you lived the path least travelled.
But then, jumping into the studio gave me a fresh feeling, and I remembered, oh,... how I remembered, how much I love this MUSIC..... this triumph in artistic freedom.

I am a consummate artist. I create on a daily basis. I have nothing to prove. I do this because I love it. I realized that I don't need to seek anybody else's counsel in my life. I have it right here. I've always had it.

I had a revelation, as I fell asleep last night / a true illumination that put a spotlight on my life / and here I've been yearning, burning dreaming all this time / and I suddenly realized it's all in my mind. If I ever want to talk to someone, who deals in possibilities / someone who can hear what's on my mind, who can be my eyes when I can't see / when I'm feeling down, when I'm feeling blue cos of life's insanity / all i need is a conversation with me. (Song: Conversation With Me. Co-written with Pamela Phillips Oland)

This is what this album is about. It's about me. It's about feeling empowered; feeling a whole lot wiser. I guess I'm all grown up. (Though I like feeling young and being new at it all too). I know that my music path has been filled with a myriad of experiences. But this time, I didn't try and fit into anybody's box. This box is my own.

I am so proud of this body of work and I can't wait to share it with you.

Soon. Very soon.

The release date will be sometime in February 2010.

Until then I send a shout out to these people who gave me so much for this album
Matt Thorne (co-producer) Jeff Walker, Andy Catt (bass), Shawn Cunnane (guitar), Frank Musarra (drums). There are more. A plethora of players and warriors. They'll be listed on the album.

News soon.

gilli moon 

Spinning around the world I’ve been tossed and turned I’ve been around standing my ground, oh yeah
Never once have I questioned my life, my dreams inside, hiding my pride…oh oh
But I feel so new, my blood’s coursing through my veins
And I feel so true,.. I have changed
I’m alive – I feel brand new
I’m alive – because of you
I’m alive – you’re a part of my soul
I’m alive – you make me whole
  (Song: I'm Alive)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Warrior Girl Music eNews Nov 09

warrior girl music
November 09 eNews
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Quote (lyric) of the month:
I had a revelation, as I fell asleep last night
A true illumination, that put a spotlight on my life
And here I've been yearning, burning dreaming all this time
And I suddenly realised it's all in my mind..
gilli moon "Conversation With Me" from the upcoming album "The Stillness"
co-written with Pamela Phillips Oland.

G'day peaceful warriors... What a thankful November. I'm so truly blessed to be doing what I do in this creative world I live in. Really nice to have your email company for a moment as I share with you my monthly newsletter. Lots of juice this month. A speaking engagement at MIMICon in Hollywood, last gig for the year will be on December 1 in L.A for Songsalive! Xmas Party, and 2 wonderful shows in Australia with Grace Knight 2nd and 3rd January and you need to book early to get a seat. Also wrote about my October month which was full of touring, recording and speaking, plus some insightful tips for those who want to be artist entrepreneurs...
Enjoy the read below, and the ride. There's so much to absorb, as life is filled with action and creativity,

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

going north!

So excited about going up to San Jose and San Francisco. Gigs Fri and Sat. Deets Will I see you?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Warrior Girl Music eNews September 2009

warrior girl music
september 09 eNews
a little bit of gilli moon  monthly in your inbox

  Quote (lyric) of the month:
everything you do in life comes from your inner dreaming...
just put it out there... you never know where life is leading
every new direction takes you to a higher place
and every door that opens, leads you face to face with your
inner desires, you will feel so much lighter
your dreams feel so brighter, they just open up to you 
(gilli moon and richard harris lyrics - from "I AM", new song coming out soon)

G'day peaceful warriors... Sizzling September! Really nice to have your email company for a moment as I share with you my monthly newsletter. This is my personal artistry and music news that you get once a month. If you don't want to receive it, please be so kind as to head to the bottom of this email and click on the unsubscribe link. I much prefer you do that rather than yell at me.. he he. Just click and you're off and I won't bother you again. If you stay on it, we'll have so much fun together in our virtual playground.

Life is just brimming with creativity and activity at the Warrior Girl Music headquarters. OUT AND ABOUT: First up for those in L.A, I'm performing this coming Thursday 17th September at Genghis Cohen. 8am show time, with Andy Cat on bass and a rare appearance with Shawn Cunnane on guitar. Not to be missed! Later in the month, Fri Sept 25 I'll be speaking at a seminar about Breaking into Hollywood. I find it so ironic that after all these years of looking into the inner circle and knocking on the closed door, that I'm now asked to speak about it. Wow. Weird! Anyway,.... And also on October 20 I'll be back down in the O.C for another show at Sam Ash. Appearances and gigs details below.

Just got back from a productive and fruitful songwriting expedition to Nashville, where I was honored with an award by Indiegrrl for contributing to the arts and music. Plus did some shows and spoke at some workshops. I wrote a blog about it, and how the trip inspired me in different ways, called "What Legacy Will You Leave?". Read it on my blog go Word

Plus, the official launch of the long awaited Art Of Men CD Compilation with male artists from all around the world - happened on Wednesday August 26 at The Mint, Los Angeles It was a fantastic night, with standing room only (tables booked out in the first 2 weeks). I've written a review of it below.

I'm currently in the studio recording my new album which will be due early 2010. I'm also producing two other artists' albums: David Babich and Mark Stortvedt. I've promoted them below. Plus I'm finishing my new book, Just Get Out There, which should be available in November, fingers crossed. You can see my first book I AM A Professional Artist here It's also available on Amazon Kindle now.

Quick FYI I changed my Twitter from gilli_moon to Follow me!

Hope to see those in L.A on Thursday night at Genghis Cohen!

Enjoy the read below, and the ride. There's so much to absorb, as life is filled with action and creativity,

gilli moon


Thursday, September 10, 2009

What legacy will you leave?

When I was in line behind a loud, boisterous cowboy hat clad man, who was speaking to a boy in his early twenties who hust claimed he had brought a 1976 Gran Turino, I knew I was heading to the South. This was a full flight and I know that no matter where I stood in line to board the plane, I wasn’t going to escape the cowboy’s hollering. I knew that I had to expect certain personalities when traveling and so I just plugged in my earphones and drowned it out with some peaceful music on my iPod.

I love going on my “music meccas” as I call them. At least once a year if not three times, I send myself to an exciting destination that always includes music, fun, new friends and lots of adventure. Thus time it was Nashville, Tennessee, home of country music, and where all songwriters are either getting cuts, or giving you business cards and networking in the hope to get a cut. (A “cut” traditionally is when one of your songs is chosen for a well known Artist’s record.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My review of my Art Of Men Cd Compilation Launch at THE MINT

What can I say! What an amazing night. The Celebration Party for the Launch of the ART OF MEN CD COMPILATION (At the Mint, Los Angeles, Wed August 26) went off, without a hitch. Out of the 35 male artists on the Double Cd compilation, 10 performed here in L.A to celebrate the launch. They flew in from around the world, including australia, the U.K, Canada, Florida and Colorado, plus some local LA artists. Before 7pm, people were lined up outside the MINT in Los Angeles waiting to get in. It was a long line and I even took a photo. The tables ended up being packed. Before we even began the first act, it was standing room only. We had everything in place. The Warrior Girl Music banner blazing behind the drum kit on stage, the artists were all in the room, drinks were being served, and the air was electric. J.Walker and I entered the stage as co-hosts for the night. As Executive producer (me) and A&R relations (J) of the compilation, we were excited to do a tandem effort on introducing the artists, and it was great fun. First up was Mitch Siegal who came all the way from Florida, with his wife (who celebrated her birthday as well), for this night. Mitch set the scene with a lovely Spanish guitar instrumental and then delivered lovely tunes to the captive audience. J.Walker then gave us a little poem ditty, “it’s 8 O’clock on a Wednesday, the Art Of Men crowd shuffles in…” He did his own rendition of the Piano Man, called the “Poetry Man”. Laughter arrupted and drinks started to be poured. Randamen came up next. A full band headed that drove out especially from Colorado for the night, they packed a punch with their uptempo rock songs. Randy’s lead vocals and smile really increased the cheerful mood in the room. After Randamen, I did a little ditty, “Temperamental Angel”, acting as the female rose between the male thorns of the night. A bit of feist, a bit of male jilted love humor. It was a perfect segue for our next artist, Mark Bonner, who flew ALL the way from Sydney Australia just to perform tonight. He did a great job with his acoustic guitar and vocal performed songs, and one of the most humble artists I’ve met. He was also great with the safety pins earlier in the night, pinning our banner up on the wall! Thanks Mark! Billy Moschella and his 3 piece band Serenity took to the stage and the drums lit up. Billy had brought a big crowd tonight and they were hooting and hollering before he could even say a word. They looked smart, sounded great and were a delight to watch. As Christopher and Natasha Barran got ready, J. and I sung “Why I Cry” - a little hip hop and a little pop. That’s what we do. We got people thinking about how to uplift the kids in this world. Chris and Natasha have a very new age flow to their music. It’s very sensitive and melodic and it was a nice touch while everyone was dining. The one cool thing about the ART OF MEN cd is that all the male artists have a somewhat sensitivity to their music, which is great. Now that the dining and mood music was done, it was time for some Action with a capital A. Alexen was up next and wow did he create a change in the sequence of the night. Head set on, shiny tight blue tee, and terrific dancers, Alexen performed a few dance songs that had everyone tapping their toes and gyrating their bodies. This boy is ready for the nightclub scene before. Great set. ALL the artists all night were terrific. Such a diversity. Wow. J and I had another ditty to allow the next artist to get ready. From acoustic to dance to now full on heavy rock, we took the edgy turn to watch Paul Killion and band rock the stage, and Paul to down several drinks just to show us he was nasty. The guitars, the drums, the songs: it was a wall of sound and Paul will do well at the Viper Room, Whisky or Cat Club. He has the dark look and songs to go with it. Ending Paul’s set, a few of us hopped up and gate crashed to sing “Need More Green” that Paul, J. and Candace Kruse wrote (in 1 hour at a previous Songsalive! Songcamp). We jammed, we sang, we got the audience to sing,… we spread a strong message about the environment. It was so much fun. And finally, as dessert was being eaten, and the mood lights flickered, we brought up the last act of the night, James Keen and his band Magazine Gap. They had flown all the way from London, U.K just for the night. Wow. What a voice. What a groove. What songs. James Keen is the next artist to watch. People were coming up to me and saying, literally, “I feel Iike I’ve just seen the next Sting”. Another person said to me “I feel like I’m witnessing the launch of the Beatles”. Another said to me “I feel so privileged to be seeing the rise of a new Dave Matthews band”. I mean, these guys are going to be big. People who were tired and were going to leave after the first song, sat with their jaws dropped until James’ very last song and note. No one wanted to leave. I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing artists. The Art Of Men Cd compilation launch was a huge success. All the artists brought fans. The Mint staff (Deana at the door, Chris on sound, Chloe “the” waitress, and all the staff), were exceptional. My team, Audrye Noble, Dave Harvey and Bill Flower, were fantastic in helping with stage management, artists and merch. Also to J. Walker for his extraordinary partnership in all I do. It was a TEAM EFFORT. Since starting with the Females On Fire compilations, and now the Art Of Men compilation, I truly can say COMMUNITY is everything. How we can all come together as artists and make things happen (SHAKE THIS WORLD) is so, so powerful. Our compilation is now available to purchase on iTunes. Get it at thanks to BFM Digital ( for distribution. Thanks to sponsors Cd Netrom ( and Mastering Solutions (, and Songsalive! ( ************ ABOUT THE CD COMPILATION: Produced by polymedia artist, gilli moon, the ART OF MEN CD Compilation celebrates 35 independent male artists and their songs dedicated to messages empowering human equality, communication and vitality - it is released by Warrior Girl Music and will be available to purchase for the first time on the night and worldwide on iTunes, and other digital stores. CD drops Aug 26. Sponsored by CD Netrom (CD Manufacturer) and Mastering Solutions. Distributed by BFM Digital. ************ PHOTOS FROM THE NIGHT: You can see the photos of the night by Steven Escobar here: These will be linked from the main site soon. Peace. Gilli Moon Artist, producer, entrepreneur, community builder, music lover, wife.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Warrior Girl Music eNews for July is out!

warrior girl music july 09 eNews a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox

Can't read this email well? Read the newsletter online at

Quote (lyric) of the month: I can remember the joy the tears, the light the dark, everything... Lying in our spaceship alone, hoping love would solve it all. ...Breathe it in.... let it all go. (gilli moon from "Spaceship")

G'day peaceful warriors... Really nice to have your email company for a moment as I share with you my monthly newsletter. This is my personal artistry and music news that you get once a month. If you don't want to receive it, please be so kind as to head to the bottom of this email and click on the unsubscribe link. I much prefer you do that rather than yell at me.. he he. Just click and you're off and I won't bother you again. If you stay on it, we'll have so much fun together in our virtual playground.

We are garnering RSVPs for a really special CRUISE on MORRO BAY for Friday August 7, and need to get bookings in before July 15, so if you feel like a drive to the Central Coast, and a lovely dinner cruise with our band delighting your senses, then please look below and get the details.

Coming up, a fab gig on Tues 14th July in West Hollywood at Genghis Cohen, then we're off to Vegas baby, where I'll be speaking at the Songsalive! songwriters workshop on Mon July 20.

Enjoy the read below, and the ride. There's so much to absorb, as life is filled with action and creativity,


Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new gilli moon article: The successful Artist Entrepreneur - – the ins and outs of getting out there as an artist in the business of music

The Successful Artist Entrepreneur – the ins and outs of getting out there as an artist in the business of music . by gilli moon. The KEY TO SURVIVAL AND SUCCESS in the music business of TODAY is to be a unique artist, in charge of your own destiny. It means you need to be an artist entrepreneur. In order to be powerful as an artist, you have to be very business artist. You need to be very self driven and business savvy. You don’t need to know everything about the business (you can go to experts for advice) but you are in control. If you want it to be life long, you have to be a visionary. You have to be able to think outside the box and “feel” it inside. A lot of inner work is required. So while you are working on your craft and techniques on the outside, you have to work on your mindset on the inside. Read it at

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Follow my call along the Roman wall

“Follow my call along the Roman wall. Mystic signs of my family life… Dreaming of my homeland Didgeridoo Dreaming…” (From Didgeridoo Dreaming, by gilli moon. Album: Girl In The Moon. 2 weeks soaking up the cultures of France and Italy. It came at a perfect time for me: to get out of my shoebox, and the studio in which I’ve been embroiled in music production, and clear my mind with new foods, faces and adventure. Paris, … the Eiffel tower, so grand in its leadership over Paris. Crepes, the easy delicious solution while walking. Walking,… my legs are like steel. Rodin, Monet, Da Vinci… I begged for more. Wandering the left bank, Chocolate Chaud and Pain et Fromage. Sleeping soundly, dreaming in French. Overnight train to Verona, the chug chug chug lulls me to sleep. Brie and bread and my love, we watch the light dim and country side go to sleep. Arriving in another city of love, and Romeo and Juliet, and a car to take us on our adventure. Bergantino, family, food, love and comfort. Ferrara, Mantova, cities of days gone by, enormous castles and cappuccinos. Florence, people, too many people, but we found Dante and Michelangelo and Bernini. Tuscany with hills and dales and grass so green it looks like a painting. Lost in the hills for 5 hours seeking the holy grail. Windy roads and forest getting dark, we are caught in an Alice in Wonderland movie, Combined with a Van Gogh painting, with emotions on high just like his art, Our minds swirl and splatter, till we arrive, at the end of the last road there could possibly be, At the Casalino. Agriturismo, a horse, dogs, country eating, good wine and sleep. I feel surrounded by centuries of lives, and watch the sun rise like Michelangelo did in a nearby town, Contemplating art and creativity. Where art thou my muse today? What is my quest in life?
We slide down the coast through Civitavecchia and into the walls for Rome. Frenetic drivers and passionate souls, we embrace one of my most favorite cities, Seeking family, friends and solace. Cappella Sistina greets us, as well as the many cobblestone streets and interesting nooks and crannies, Often visited by terramottos of the past. And then the quake hits. We tremble at night, while D’Aquila’s thousand year old churchs and building crumble to the ground. But we are ok. Wine, Pasta, Prosciutto CafĂ© Walking Living Loving Dreaming
Becomes great art making.
Now, back to the studio in L.A.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surrendering to the bliss of my recording journey

The album journey is a wonderful one. I think it was 2004 that I was in the studio last for my own album making. Since then I've produced several artists' albums and I so enjoy that process. But making my own music is, really, where it's truly at for my heart. I set out to make an album that embraced all that was "the stillness" for me: the title of the new album. My first album "Girl In The Moon" (1998) was a hodge podge of ideas. Different sounds, different producers, different locations. Lovely songs, just eclectic. My "temperamental angel" album (2000) was emotional and edgy. It was my first album that set a "tone" and was marketable. It got lots of cool reviews from critics all around the globe. I pioneered some marketing things on the new internet of the time... long before people used the word "indie". I was moody, going through relationship turmoil, young, annoyed and listening to a lot of Alanis Morrissette, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. I learned about producing, really producing, and also produced artist Rhonda Stisi and some artist demos. Then came "Woman" (2003), my empowerment album. I was victorious, the warrior girl, fiesty, strong and impenetrable. I was my own one girl band across the country, touring, with me and my keyboard, feeling fabo. Coming out of the dark of "temperamental angel" I needed no one (relationship wise), felt strong and had a go get 'em mentality. Rockin', edgy, mainstream, yet alternative. Ballads uptempo songs. Big productions. And lots of Lots of Aussie airplay and tv for the music videos. Fabo. I went on to produce albums for Dina Gathe, Holly Light and some artist demos here and there. Then came "extraOrdinary life" (2005), the peace de resistance. This was my first sophisticated album i'd say. I had glossy photos on the album cover taken by Jim Steinfeldt (rock n roll photographer whos also photoagraphed Tina Turner and Madonna to name a few). The music was epic, 15 tracks,... and an enhanced cd to watch the making of the video. Gloss and more gloss. But still raw, ya know? My emotions, my story, my path. Lots of rock, and groove, still edgy, some ballads, and enormous productions. I went on to produce Paulina Logan's album, and then David Babich's album (still in the process on that one). Also 3 Females On Fire compilations and Art of Men compilation (1/2 done) so over 150 artists through my label. Big marketing, big business, lots of action, lots lots lots of out there, big, and splashy on everything in my life. The Warrior Girl ignited. And now.... drum roll.... THE STILLNESS. Here we are in 2009. Who am I today? Well, certainly feeling victorious. But wiser and older and shit,... nothing more to prove. I've paid my dues, I've done the hard work. It's time for me to be still.... and embrace the moment. I've spent the last year going within,... deep. My life course is changing. I've always been a very ambitious girl. And still am. But now it's a quiet ambition that feels relaxed, in touch with "me" and full of light. For me, the essence of making music now is to tell my story, and inspire others, without the big to-do. So you will hear an album like none of my others. The production is spacious. Less is more. The feature? the vocal and piano, with my musicians also taking the spotlight. The songs and the productions are ELEGANT (as one of my dear friends told me after hearing some rough mixes). They are not with angst or high emotion. They are positive and make you "feel good". The songs are about hope, love, inspiration... positive messages. You can turn it on from the first song and the first words that you will utter is "ahhhh", and all your cares will melt away. This is an album to take you to a place of beauty, joy and seduction. No screaming guitars or heavy drums. It's organic, real... as if our quartet is in your living room. I can't wait till it's complete to share with you the songs. For now, I'm keeping it all under wraps!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

delving in deep

A week off, we're back in the studio and we're diving in deep. With song titles like "The Stillness", "Silent Prophet", "Outside In", and "Cling On", and "Be", you might see that I'm going within, going really deep. A lot of the messages from the new album reinforce enjoying the moments, enjoying the journey, as well as being happy to just "be" in the "stillness" and knowing that's the place to be. Like my last album, this one is a continual path of self-discovery, mixed with a lot of positive love and emotion: I'm in a good place, and it's evident in these new recordings.

The songs are coming fast and furious, and easy. Only 8 days of recording and we are pretty much ready to mix. I don't sweat the little stuff and most of the vocalizing and playing is spontaneous and free, yet methodical in preparation. We don't have fancy instrumentation: each song sounds like it's played with the same band. I'm having fun playing with my voice and coming up with cool parts. Matt, my co-producer, is enjoying editing weird shit here and there with loops and breaks. We are mad scientists in a creatively free realm. Loving it.

I head to New York Thursday for a show and some moments with my man, and then I'm off on a solo journey to Australia, to go on a Bushwalk, and finish my book I promised to finish. In March we mix the record.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finding the music in the stillness

What a thrill. Fourth day in studio mode and we are on a roll. We've recorded everything for the songs "Silent Prophet", and "Stillness". We just need to finish vocals and keys for "Outside In" and "Bushwalk". I wrote "Bushwalk" in '95. Wow. So long ago. My ol' 4 track demo is so basic. But boy I had lots of ideas in it. Now as we flesh it out in the studio, it's coming to life. It's a song that is socially conscious and about change. Although I wrote it in my early 20s, the message is very now. With Obama coming into power, I feel this song is so right on. "Racial freedom, trapped in society, I'm losing my sobriety Momentary madness, can we cure it through psychiatry? Need for solutions. War, crime, culture, family struggle. Time for education, get back to our roots and unify this nation. Going on a Bushwalk, going on a walkabout, gonna feel alive, solve our problems we have inside. take control, energize our thoughts to solve and, cure the world, we can start right now". The word "Bushwalk" is a term we use in Australia to go on a really long hike in the bush. And walkabout is what Aboriginals like to do sometimes. They just up and go for long periods at a time, and get connected with their culture and their roots. (and themselves). It's a right of passage for them. We had Cara and Erin from Little Sista sing on the song (as well as The Stillness, and Silent Prophet). Wow, their voices are AMAZING. We had a fund day yesterday doing vocals. Surprisingly, I feel very connected with my voice right now. It seems to sing easily. I'm no longer second guessing myself, and needing to be perfect. I used to waste a lot of studio time trying to be perfect. I remember once I came in to do a 4 hour session to sing vocals (this is years ago) and I was so psychologically constricted and my voice was aweful that I had to end the session after only 20 minutes. It's so weird. I think our minds play tricks on us. But now, I just walk in, and am pretty much a one take wonder. We sometimes do 2 takes and then "comp" the tracks, which means choosing best parts from each track to make one great track. I like this approach because it allows the voice to be free and sing the song naturally all the way through, hearing the crescendos and decrescendos through the song. When producing vocals, though, with other artists, it can be a hit or miss. Sometimes I "comp" as above (and sometimes comping from 3 or 4 best takes), or I record their vocal part by part. We work on the song in parts. This can be useful for beginner singers. But I still like the first approach, to be as organic as possible. I love producing. I found some writings from back when I was recording the last album "extra Ordinary life". Here's what I wrote:

... it’s a welcome relief to be still in one place and surrender to the flow of creating new music. It’s a very Toltec process for me, connecting with my silent, mysterious and creative side.

This album certainly has more emphasis on social perspectives and world harmony. If we can heal ourselves, and be more connected with our inner self and our community, then the world pretty much takes care of itself. We live in an extraOrdinary world, but if we’re not careful we’ll destroy it. The environment is in severe crisis, with natural resources including water drying up, rainforests are being eliminated, beautiful animals are becoming extinct and treated inhumanly, racial and political issues are of course paramount and yet… I see this as a spiritual crisis more than an economical or political one. I avoid getting too political and I prefer to approach these issues with a more spiritual perspective, almost Toltec, using metaphors about relationships with the Self and those around us to heal the wider issues. That’s why I believe that even a song about romantic love can deliver powerful social and global messages. This album touches on a common theme: we all live extraOrdinary lives, and have the potential to be connected with an unspeakable and extraOrdinary force within us for ultimate, perfect harmony, balance and joy.

…Music production is a whole language in itself, beyond just being a musician. i've always been a communicator, what with being an artist, teacher and writer, but producing is like being a conductor, a messenger, a voyeur, and conducting the chatter from the Gods.

…Producing is not about ego, or personal subjectivity. I can only be the "translator" of what the song is calling out for… a conduit. Plus it’s almost like remembering… whenever I get the right feel or vibe for a particular part, I get this weird “ah ha” or “deja-vu” moment as if the song had once found that perfection, but forgot it. It's really, really exciting delving into the psychology of producing. We become slaves to the song and what it requires, and living on the edge like a spiritual thrill-seeker. It’s also about being rebellious. Being a rebel to the current times, to the past, to whatever anyone else is doing out there or what radio dishes out. It’s about being rebellious even to our own taste, and finding the freedom in creating something new and cutting edge, even if it means taking risks. I crave it! It’s better than an extreme sport (even though I love fast down-hill snow skiing at the best of times!)

So I would have to say that this new album which is called THE STILLNESS, continues to embody such social issues, about the world, about our consciousness as a human race. But it's very much a personal journey too. I am going inward more and more. One song, "Silent Prophet" is about the very fact that when we need true guidance, we can go within and find that, in our inner prophet. Our inner voice. Our intuition. It also talks of the notion that we have nothing to prove in life, but to "carry the water well", which is a lyric in the chorus, meaning to "just do our best". Speaking of which, I saw the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" last night, and i found it so timely for me. The themes were very much along the lines of my new album and where I'm at. There is one part where Brad Pitt's character travels to the Far East and India. There is a great voice over and i will endeavor to find that script because it was so powerful. It made be cry. The jist of it was this: In our lives we can be who we want to be, at any time. We can change our lives at any time, and pursue anything we choose to do. We have a choice. And if something doesn't work out,find the strength to start over, at the beginning again. Over and over again. We can be dancers, button makers, tug boat operators, anything. We can be it all. There's more to it, but it really touched me. In my album, I seek to express that where I am, I have done so much, and succeeded, and I have nothing to prove, but to express myself, and create and be ..... me. One song, "Be" will be on the album. I've had it as a download on my site for a while. This song is about living in the moment, and just "being". So many themes here. I'm excited to be recording and I will post more soon. xx gilli See the studio pics so far here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

recording a new album... it feels pretty sweet....

Well I’m in the studio again. After 3 years of personal music stagnation (except for everyone else’s albums I’ve been producing), I’m now back in the studio writing and producing my new album. It will be called THE STILLNESS.

It’s been an amazing journey promoting my last record, extraordinary life, and as I’ve been travelling, and changing as person, woman and artist, I’m ready for this new collection of material to unfold.

Like the title represents, this album speaks to the stillness in our lives, and our souls. I’ve been on a mega journey inward these past years, and it oozes out in my writing. Or non writing actually. Things have been still inside, creatively speaking for some time. On the outside I’ve been very businesslike, entrepreneurial and successful to be honest. My record company and artist development endeavors have brought me enormous satisfaction. I like working with other artists and their careers. But the balance needs to be present, in my life: and so… the studio is my solace,… recording my album, my songs, my stories. It’s very exciting.

It’s coming organically as all the other albums, but I think I’m doing it much faster. My chops are better, and also my perfection ranking is less: which is good. Let me tell you why – when I was younger I would second guess every move I made, hence delaying and wasting time in the studio doing things over and over. I was very much like that with recording my piano playing and singing. Now, I’m usually a one take wonder, and because I’ve been doing it for so many years, I reckon I’m better than ever.

We recorded drums and bass on Monday with Frank Musarra on drums and Andy Cat on bass. They did a fine job. I feel it always important to lay the ground work first, and with solid drums and bass, the song can then flourish. Mind you, this time around I fiddled with my protocols at home first and did all the scratch tracks (rough piano, vocal and a click) which acted as a guide for the boys in the studio, and also saved studio money by doing that part at home.

We’re back at MT Studios in Burbank. Matt Thorne is an awesome engineer and friend. This must be my 6th album with him now.

Shawn Cunnane stepped it up on guitar on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ve been using a Les Paul, a Strat and a Minarik. They all sound great on the songs. It’s now Wednesday evening and we’ve been holed up in the same room for 3 days. I’m getting ansy, but I’m loving the music. I just layed down piano and B3 on a couple of the songs. Tomorrow we have off and then back in on Friday for vocals and luscious soulful sounds from Little Sista, a couple of singers I adore, who will provide backing vocals for some of the tunes.

I’m going to post video up soon of the process. For now, keep posted on my blog at, the home of all my writings.


gilli This pic is with Matt Thorne, gilli moon & Shawn Cunnane


May you be inspired and be great in 2009 Warrior Girl Music