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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Warrior Girl Music eNews September 2009

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september 09 eNews
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  Quote (lyric) of the month:
everything you do in life comes from your inner dreaming...
just put it out there... you never know where life is leading
every new direction takes you to a higher place
and every door that opens, leads you face to face with your
inner desires, you will feel so much lighter
your dreams feel so brighter, they just open up to you 
(gilli moon and richard harris lyrics - from "I AM", new song coming out soon)

G'day peaceful warriors... Sizzling September! Really nice to have your email company for a moment as I share with you my monthly newsletter. This is my personal artistry and music news that you get once a month. If you don't want to receive it, please be so kind as to head to the bottom of this email and click on the unsubscribe link. I much prefer you do that rather than yell at me.. he he. Just click and you're off and I won't bother you again. If you stay on it, we'll have so much fun together in our virtual playground.

Life is just brimming with creativity and activity at the Warrior Girl Music headquarters. OUT AND ABOUT: First up for those in L.A, I'm performing this coming Thursday 17th September at Genghis Cohen. 8am show time, with Andy Cat on bass and a rare appearance with Shawn Cunnane on guitar. Not to be missed! Later in the month, Fri Sept 25 I'll be speaking at a seminar about Breaking into Hollywood. I find it so ironic that after all these years of looking into the inner circle and knocking on the closed door, that I'm now asked to speak about it. Wow. Weird! Anyway,.... And also on October 20 I'll be back down in the O.C for another show at Sam Ash. Appearances and gigs details below.

Just got back from a productive and fruitful songwriting expedition to Nashville, where I was honored with an award by Indiegrrl for contributing to the arts and music. Plus did some shows and spoke at some workshops. I wrote a blog about it, and how the trip inspired me in different ways, called "What Legacy Will You Leave?". Read it on my blog go Word

Plus, the official launch of the long awaited Art Of Men CD Compilation with male artists from all around the world - happened on Wednesday August 26 at The Mint, Los Angeles It was a fantastic night, with standing room only (tables booked out in the first 2 weeks). I've written a review of it below.

I'm currently in the studio recording my new album which will be due early 2010. I'm also producing two other artists' albums: David Babich and Mark Stortvedt. I've promoted them below. Plus I'm finishing my new book, Just Get Out There, which should be available in November, fingers crossed. You can see my first book I AM A Professional Artist here It's also available on Amazon Kindle now.

Quick FYI I changed my Twitter from gilli_moon to Follow me!

Hope to see those in L.A on Thursday night at Genghis Cohen!

Enjoy the read below, and the ride. There's so much to absorb, as life is filled with action and creativity,

gilli moon


Thursday, September 10, 2009

What legacy will you leave?

When I was in line behind a loud, boisterous cowboy hat clad man, who was speaking to a boy in his early twenties who hust claimed he had brought a 1976 Gran Turino, I knew I was heading to the South. This was a full flight and I know that no matter where I stood in line to board the plane, I wasn’t going to escape the cowboy’s hollering. I knew that I had to expect certain personalities when traveling and so I just plugged in my earphones and drowned it out with some peaceful music on my iPod.

I love going on my “music meccas” as I call them. At least once a year if not three times, I send myself to an exciting destination that always includes music, fun, new friends and lots of adventure. Thus time it was Nashville, Tennessee, home of country music, and where all songwriters are either getting cuts, or giving you business cards and networking in the hope to get a cut. (A “cut” traditionally is when one of your songs is chosen for a well known Artist’s record.)