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Sunday, July 24, 2005

releasing, re-visualizing, rebounding, reliving

I am a very happy girl. Why? Because I have a sense of completion and that is one of my definitions of success.. to complete something. I've been working on a project for over a year. I didn't know where it would lead me, or how arduous the road may be... but I brought it to fruition, with grace, passion and fortitude: extraOrdinary life. We all know that life is, well, long. Ongoing. Days turn into months turn into years... a lifetime of memories, friendships, experiences, journeys. And this past year has been a mini life journey,....
From writing songs through my twenties and to now, on funky keyboards and pianos all around the world. I remember sitting at a piano in Santa Fe New Mexico, considering how to use the swamp sounds i had just recorded on my dat player watching an aligator in New Orleans. Writing Release Me in Vermont on a hotel piano after hours, at the beginning of my Eric Idle tour. Writing at home in Australia, surrounded by the bush, Circus of Life. Spaceship, on an old upright in Santa Monica on a gloomy day. My Extraordinary Life at home in Sherman Oaks, on my keyboard after listening to Maxwell,.. finding a groove on my little drum machine and tracking the beginnings of what you hear on the Cd, on my 16 track hard disk recorder. Writing The Wind in Cabo San Lucas, after letting go of a recent love on Divorce Beach, sending him to the wind. Hollywood, at home, about 1am, with a glass of red wine, dreaming of wide open spaces....
Then rehearsing the band... bringing my songs to groovy life ready for tracking..., practicing at home with them, then in at AMP our NoHo rehearsal studio.
Then recording, first the drums and bass, then overdubbing the guitars, loops, my keyboards and piano, percussion, saxaphone, weird soundscapes. Finally the vocals. Lots of editing and lots of fun... day in day out, to finishing the little baby songs and plotting them on the timeline called an album. I have learned so much being in the studio.... understanding more and more about arranging, about musical instruments, about listening to the divine and embracing those buddhist mistakes that make little gems within a song.
Then came mixing, the levels, the sonic textures, what needs to be heard, or subliminal. Our ears are amazing. I became so sensitive to every little nuance. Then the mastering process, where i didn't think the music could be taken any higher, it was... to its highest. Coming to a final conclusion on the song order must have been the hardest process of all. It took me a long time, and i sought advice from many because i could no longer see the forest through the trees. i was so embroiled i needed objective opinion. I have a great tight little team with me, encouraging me, guiding me, sharing their expertise. I am blessed.
Sunday night we put on a launch at Monsoon Cafe in Santa Monica. 170 people, grand piano, soft lighting, great food. Amazing energy. The band were fabulous. The crowd... excited. We had a great night. extraOrdinary life, my new album, is about a journey, a life long journey of discovery. It's not over. It's just begun. I am sharing moods, stories, feelings that we all feel, and a sense that life, no matter how simple, or complex, or ordinary, or fabulous.. is all.... great. I embark on sharing my songs with you, in my travels, from close to far. I will journey to the east coast in September, Australia at Christmas. Europe next year. And in between, cris cros across these United States.
I am also at a point in my life where i know i can do anything i put my heart to. I don't see, this time around, that i have to throw myself out into the world. I have nothing to prove. My pursuit of excellence is simply in creating, in the art. My art is now hanging on the walls. You are welcome to come and see it, observe, make up your own mind, and have a piece for your own stereo collection. I hope you do take something home with you, a life extraordinary for you...
xxx gilli




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