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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I’ve written a new article which I’m very proud of called DIY MUSIC LICENSING

It’s all my tips and tools on how to get your songs into Film and TV.

I’ve spent a long time writing it, and it really is a comprehensive stepping stone that answers the questions I get about this whole arena of music licensing

To read it, I’ve made it an exclusive article through Songsalive!, because I volunteer for the organization (as I also am president of it) and felt that my time and sweat was deserving of the members who feed its community.

To read the Article go to

There are also fabulous new links from the article to Contacts on getting songs placed, including our own Songsalive! Songshop program, and our Discount Partners.

To log in to Songsalive!, go to and log in on the left. Forgot your password? There is a reminder link there.

Need to renew? Go to

Want help to $ renew? Use GILLIFRIEND and get 20% off. J

I would love your feedback on the article when you’ve read it.

Thanks and have a GREAT day, and read!


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warrior Girl Music eNews March: a little bit of gilli moon in your inbox

Warrior Girl Music eNews
march 2010
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G'day peaceful warriors...

Do you feel like you're on a freeway going a hundred miles an hour, heading towards the sunrise? That's how I feel. I've been working so hard on my new album, writing my second book, and figuring out the next phase in my artistic life,.... that I'm jettisoning onto the freeway, ready to ignite with music and writing launches. I feel so inspired, and soon, so excited to reveal to you my recent work, that I've kept close to my heart in the making of.

This year has been so - full on- already. Below you can read a little about what has transpired, which included filming for 60 Minutes Australia. So, many of you have been biting at the bit for my album release of The Stillness, my new 6th album. I can tell you that JUNE is the month. It will be dropping, with the official release party on Tuesday June 29th at THE MINT in Los Angeles. Ticket info and details below. I highly recommend booking early on this one.

You can get a sneak preview of the album now! Announcing the first download available from The Stillness, exclusively available on Reverbnation. Available as an mp3 download or ringtone. Get it now: the song - Cos I Love You So
gilli moon, featuring J.Walker, and written by gilli moon, Claude Aliotti and J.Walker

Three shows coming up in the next month: Saturday March 20, J.Walker and I are doing our youth show Skillz for Life at the Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA. Saturday March 27, my band and I will be at the Sam Ash Music Store in Westminster, CA (for an afternoon show), and on Sunday April 11, my first ever show at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA, and I'll also be celebrating my birthday. So come on down for a drink. All details below.

Also, as I have many fans that are artists also, part of my mojo is that whatever I do, or discover, I want to offer cool things for artists along the way too. So be sure to check the "Warrior 2 U" section below.

Take the ride and read on....

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