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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Follow my call along the Roman wall

“Follow my call along the Roman wall. Mystic signs of my family life… Dreaming of my homeland Didgeridoo Dreaming…” (From Didgeridoo Dreaming, by gilli moon. Album: Girl In The Moon. 2 weeks soaking up the cultures of France and Italy. It came at a perfect time for me: to get out of my shoebox, and the studio in which I’ve been embroiled in music production, and clear my mind with new foods, faces and adventure. Paris, … the Eiffel tower, so grand in its leadership over Paris. Crepes, the easy delicious solution while walking. Walking,… my legs are like steel. Rodin, Monet, Da Vinci… I begged for more. Wandering the left bank, Chocolate Chaud and Pain et Fromage. Sleeping soundly, dreaming in French. Overnight train to Verona, the chug chug chug lulls me to sleep. Brie and bread and my love, we watch the light dim and country side go to sleep. Arriving in another city of love, and Romeo and Juliet, and a car to take us on our adventure. Bergantino, family, food, love and comfort. Ferrara, Mantova, cities of days gone by, enormous castles and cappuccinos. Florence, people, too many people, but we found Dante and Michelangelo and Bernini. Tuscany with hills and dales and grass so green it looks like a painting. Lost in the hills for 5 hours seeking the holy grail. Windy roads and forest getting dark, we are caught in an Alice in Wonderland movie, Combined with a Van Gogh painting, with emotions on high just like his art, Our minds swirl and splatter, till we arrive, at the end of the last road there could possibly be, At the Casalino. Agriturismo, a horse, dogs, country eating, good wine and sleep. I feel surrounded by centuries of lives, and watch the sun rise like Michelangelo did in a nearby town, Contemplating art and creativity. Where art thou my muse today? What is my quest in life?
We slide down the coast through Civitavecchia and into the walls for Rome. Frenetic drivers and passionate souls, we embrace one of my most favorite cities, Seeking family, friends and solace. Cappella Sistina greets us, as well as the many cobblestone streets and interesting nooks and crannies, Often visited by terramottos of the past. And then the quake hits. We tremble at night, while D’Aquila’s thousand year old churchs and building crumble to the ground. But we are ok. Wine, Pasta, Prosciutto CafĂ© Walking Living Loving Dreaming
Becomes great art making.
Now, back to the studio in L.A.

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  1. Aah, Gilli, you've made me hungry for Italy! xx