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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surrendering to the bliss of my recording journey

The album journey is a wonderful one. I think it was 2004 that I was in the studio last for my own album making. Since then I've produced several artists' albums and I so enjoy that process. But making my own music is, really, where it's truly at for my heart. I set out to make an album that embraced all that was "the stillness" for me: the title of the new album. My first album "Girl In The Moon" (1998) was a hodge podge of ideas. Different sounds, different producers, different locations. Lovely songs, just eclectic. My "temperamental angel" album (2000) was emotional and edgy. It was my first album that set a "tone" and was marketable. It got lots of cool reviews from critics all around the globe. I pioneered some marketing things on the new internet of the time... long before people used the word "indie". I was moody, going through relationship turmoil, young, annoyed and listening to a lot of Alanis Morrissette, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. I learned about producing, really producing, and also produced artist Rhonda Stisi and some artist demos. Then came "Woman" (2003), my empowerment album. I was victorious, the warrior girl, fiesty, strong and impenetrable. I was my own one girl band across the country, touring, with me and my keyboard, feeling fabo. Coming out of the dark of "temperamental angel" I needed no one (relationship wise), felt strong and had a go get 'em mentality. Rockin', edgy, mainstream, yet alternative. Ballads uptempo songs. Big productions. And lots of Lots of Aussie airplay and tv for the music videos. Fabo. I went on to produce albums for Dina Gathe, Holly Light and some artist demos here and there. Then came "extraOrdinary life" (2005), the peace de resistance. This was my first sophisticated album i'd say. I had glossy photos on the album cover taken by Jim Steinfeldt (rock n roll photographer whos also photoagraphed Tina Turner and Madonna to name a few). The music was epic, 15 tracks,... and an enhanced cd to watch the making of the video. Gloss and more gloss. But still raw, ya know? My emotions, my story, my path. Lots of rock, and groove, still edgy, some ballads, and enormous productions. I went on to produce Paulina Logan's album, and then David Babich's album (still in the process on that one). Also 3 Females On Fire compilations and Art of Men compilation (1/2 done) so over 150 artists through my label. Big marketing, big business, lots of action, lots lots lots of out there, big, and splashy on everything in my life. The Warrior Girl ignited. And now.... drum roll.... THE STILLNESS. Here we are in 2009. Who am I today? Well, certainly feeling victorious. But wiser and older and shit,... nothing more to prove. I've paid my dues, I've done the hard work. It's time for me to be still.... and embrace the moment. I've spent the last year going within,... deep. My life course is changing. I've always been a very ambitious girl. And still am. But now it's a quiet ambition that feels relaxed, in touch with "me" and full of light. For me, the essence of making music now is to tell my story, and inspire others, without the big to-do. So you will hear an album like none of my others. The production is spacious. Less is more. The feature? the vocal and piano, with my musicians also taking the spotlight. The songs and the productions are ELEGANT (as one of my dear friends told me after hearing some rough mixes). They are not with angst or high emotion. They are positive and make you "feel good". The songs are about hope, love, inspiration... positive messages. You can turn it on from the first song and the first words that you will utter is "ahhhh", and all your cares will melt away. This is an album to take you to a place of beauty, joy and seduction. No screaming guitars or heavy drums. It's organic, real... as if our quartet is in your living room. I can't wait till it's complete to share with you the songs. For now, I'm keeping it all under wraps!

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  1. so true, my dear. been feeling that stillness too and relate to your post here. love love, and looking forward to hearing what becomes of this stillness :) melissa