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Friday, August 30, 2013

The End of the Beginning

The following is an excerpt from gilli moon's book JUST GET OUT THERE. Own it today.

Here is where it’s at folks:
Live your life like you are at the beginning of the road, and let go of the oars and flow…

If my only priorities were to sell CDs, make tons of money and get everyone to love me, I will make myself sick, stressed and deeply unhappy.

If my priorities are to enjoy my journey; tell a good story whether on a CD, live at a show, or in my writings; enjoy the creative process; learn and discover the world; and INSPIRE others along the way – then it’s a different life, a GREAT life, a REAL life… my life. I know that I’m an Artist for life. I have much to say, and I am going to have a great time “having a go” and making it all worthwhile. The CD sales, radio play, Grammy awards and Newsweek interviews come and go. The JOURNEY of being the Warrior Artist, and the savvy successful Artist Entrepreneur LIVES ON.

*        Continually step back and take a broader view of your life and your dreams.

*        Have a broader mission that isn’t just about you, but how you want to inspire others.

*        Lead your life with dignity like a good Warrior Artist Entrepreneur does, knowing the universe will provide you all the freedom you deserve.

*        Don’t sweat the small stuff: let go and let it come. Allow it to unfold.

*        Trust in yourself, your heart, your passion and the universe.

*        Patience is key.

*        Don’t take yourself so seriously. There’s way more fun in laughter and it’s quite entertaining.

*        Don’t take it all so personally. Other people’s stuff is their subjective view on reality. The less you emotionally take things personally, and listen more to your own advice, the better off you’ll be.

*        Know you have to have climbed t
he mountain, and really feel the rocks and stones along the way, to understand what it truly feels like to succeed, and get to a place of joy. It doesn't happen overnight. It’s a lifelong journey of becoming.

*        You are the actor in your play. You created your play called “your life”. Enjoy it.

*        Who has the gold? You do. Be the creative explorer in your life and know you are the master of your destiny.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s challenging and uncomfortable. But you will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction every step of the way. You will always be moving forward.

And now, a little personal somethin' somethin'.... my newborn twins... Now, look who's enjoying the journey....

art is life, life is art,
gilli moon

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Art of detachment

Real stuff happens in and around our lives. But it’s how we respond to it that makes the difference; whether I attach to it or detach from it.
- gilli moon
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I have painted my first canvas in over a year. This is a major breakthrough. The flow has returned. Strange that I say this? No. It’s actually quite a meaningful point I want to make.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a remarkably busy year. Busy, busy, busy. Productive, busy, creative, busy. Get the picture? Busy.
I’ve conquered many mountains, and been victorious in my endeavors. It’s been “business as usual” and I’ve written songs, performed songs, recorded songs and done many other things in between. But have I also had quiet time to just sit, reflect and ponder the universe? Not much. When I can do that, my favorite way is to pour a glass of merlot (I can only average one glass of wine in a blue moon), and with a white, blank canvas inviting me, imploring me… I splash a multitude of colors on it and my mind is able to drift into another world.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Connecting the Social Dots: Integrating all your Social Networks and news feeds to spread your music word

Connecting the Social Dots: Integrating all your Social Networks and news feeds to spread your music word

This article is not for the fresh beginner to the Internet. It’s for those artists who have been dabbling with various sites on the internet to promote their wares, but just need some clarity on how to navigate, what is best, and what has changed.  I was originally only going to write an article on (and the demise of but instead I kept writing and decided to write an entire article on Social Networks and connecting the social dots for your music. I will begin by saying that before you dabble in Social Networks, you NEED a website first and foremost. Your website is your HOME BASE where all good fans and links should start, and return. This is your hub, and your place you alone can control. Social Networks come and go. Don’t rely on them as your only source of self-promotion. I also highly recommend you read my book JUST GET OUT THERE as I have a lengthy chapter for the beginner or expert on Self-Promotion, Marketing and being the Artist Entrepreneur. Get it at, or Amazon. Or just Google it.

Also my final caveat is the advice below is based on what I like, what I’ve tested, and what I use. I’m sure there are other ideas and ways. But I’m sharing with you my idea, and I want to keep it simple for you too.
Ok, let’s get started…, or at least, let’s pretend you are already dabbling online…. So let’s start in the middle: Enjoy the read. 

Connect my website news page to my social networks, so I can post all at once.
Goal: When posting in one place, you have it land on Twitter, Facebook, AND as a news feed on your website.
Tumblr (and you know how THAT can connect!)
And of course, Facebook

What if you have all these online social networks and you have to update your status in all these different places. Wouldn't it be nice to update one status and it spreads to all of them? How about tag on a news feed for your website? In working with artists and their self promotion, I’ve been a big advocate of as a blog for you to post your latest news, which in turn publishes/syndicates to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) all at once.  It also has been great as an RSS feed on your website, (your NEWS stream). However, died an unfortunate death (absorbed by its new owner Twitter). By end April 2013, it’s “bye bye’.

Welcome a long tried and true blog network (but least buzzed about):

Tumblr is not only going to do what Posterous has done before, but goes one step further: it is a well respected social network blog in its own right, so a lot of what you may do on the web may connect to Tumblr (like you may connect Facebook and Twitter).
 Also in posting through Tumblr, you can share music, video, photos and of course, text. It’s super sexy.  You can also share things you find on the internet, on tumblr.  

How to get this going:
1.          First, I’m going to assume you are already on Twitter and Facebook as a good start (see further into this article about the benefits of those.)
2.          Go to and create an account.   Once created, and while logged in, click on your new “blog” on the left.  (1 account can have several blogs)
3.          Create url - I recommend you use your artist name as the name you choose in the url. Eg and
4.          Find the Post By Email setting on Under “Account” (click on your blog from there)– they provide an email address that you can email to, from you email account, when you want to post to Tumblr. It will be really weird but it works. You can also post within your Tumblr account online. I like the email route as you can forward anything you want (your newsletter for example) to Tumblr via email.  Later you can read tips on sending via email here:
5.           You can change the theme within your Blog. They have many to choose from. (Also in this area you can change the name of blog. It may be called Untitled”.  Rename that to your preferred blog name. )
6.          Importantly, connect to Facebook and Twitter . You can choose what to connect to on Facebook. Doesn’t have to be your profile (as we often keep that as personal friends area). You can share to your Facebook Fan Page. (If you have a Facebook Group, you can connect Tumblr to NetworkedBlogs (search it within Facebook). Another cool system to syndicate your blogs.)
7.          LOG OUT and go to your Tumblr url to see what it looks like. Copy the RSS feed by clicking on the “Subscribe to RSS Feed” . For example the Songsalive Tumblr is
8.          Now, go to your website. I have recommended many of you to design your website through You can drag an RSS feed box to any of your page (I prefer home, and News page) and insert the above RSS feed. Voila, your website is also showing your latest news. If your website design management doesn’t allow you to insert an RSS feed, you can use to create a digest of your Tumblr feeds, and then give you html code to insert into your website.
9.          Go to for more suggestions. You can even share things you find on the internet, on tumblr (which in turn spreads through your network).
10.       Create buttons for your website
11.       Other apps/social networks:  you can share Flickr with Tumblr (go to your Flickr account). You can also surf the internet and share on Tumblr cool things you find.

IN SUMMARY: Post to the Tumblr email anytime (Your Newsletter, Your status, Your fun bits and pieces). This goes to Social Networks AND shows up on your website as latest news.

 How to connect to other social networks too?
That’s easy: through TWITTER.   They will then be synced to Tumblr vicariously through your Twitter/Tumblr API connection.  For example, link Twitter to Facebook here (obviously you need an account at both places);  Link your Myspace to your Twitter within MySpace. Link your Reverbnation profile to Twitter through Revbernation (more on these social networks further down).

What’s another alternative to post to all my social networks at once? used to be the best way to post to all your social networks at once. Then they were bought out by Seesmic. Then they were bought out by Hootsuite. So, is a nice site, however if you want to post to more than a few, you have to pay. So I found a free one: Little is published about this site, but I’ve started using it and I really like it. You have to post through the website from a computer though. Doesn’t seem to have a mobile app. I just posted to my social networks all at once. They are:
Since my Facebook is connected to my Twitter, I tend to exclude that from the posting as Twitter posts on its behalf.

Of course they have a TON more social networks you can multi-post to. AND you can read all your social network statuses, posts and messages all at You can even read all your email inboxes there too. Pretty neat. Still in beta, so tread lightly.

OK, tell me more about Reverbnation and why it’s important to my music promotion? is a unique social network site that I’ve loved since they started. Similar to MySpace, you can create a profile that includes uploaded songs, photos, a bio, and some press. It’s a pretty solid place to promote to the media as your “press kit” (though I like better for that, although that one I wouldn’t call a Social Network). Reverbnation is a lovely place to gain fans (they just come and find you without too much fuss). You can rise in the music charts, and send fan mail (newsletters) to your Fans who “Fan” you. Interestingly, you can create html Widgets of your music player, Tour info/Gigs, Press quotes and your whole press kit, to insert into your Website.

OK, tell me more about Twitter and why it’s important to my music promotion?
It just happens to be the best medium to promote your music and build followers.  I know you all love Facebook, but Twitter attracts fans/followers without you having to accept them as friends. It’s an OPEN space/playing field. Also, as above, you can link your Twitter to Facebook to update status simultaneously.

OK, tell me more about Facebook and why it’s important to my music promotion?
Facebook is like my online Pub. I go there to hang out virtually with my friends online (through my personal profile, that is). I can decide who I am friends with, and through my privacy settings, I can be strict about who sees what. The latest on personal profiles is the Friend requests you deny, they will be automatically “subscribed to your public posts”. So in essence, your Fans (who you really don’t call Friends) can follow you too. When you post, simply choose your audience. If you make it “Public” Friends and Subscribers will see it.  I still think having a FAN PAGE (or Business PAGE) is essential. Set a Page up within your Profile and create a URL for it. I tend to only promote my fanpage ie, to avoid too many friend requests from people I don’t know on my personal profile. Notwithstanding, you can make it harder to find you through Facebook (Friends of Friends only).  Why is Facebook important? Well, it’s your Soap Box, your ability to talk any time of day, intimately, or publicly. The fact is, many now use Facebook as their preference for communication (yes, beating emails and phone calls). That is why it is important to be on Facebook. As for Music promotion, you can link your Reverbnation, Sonicbids and similar music sites to your Facebook Fan Page, so that people can listen to your music through Facebook. Nice stuff.

Other sites I should look at for promoting my music?
Just put .com after all those listed below
I’ve mentioned some above in my paragraph about where I linked my Tumblr account to. I think it’s worthy to mention that MySpace is making a comeback and so I wouldn’t delete your account with them yet.  It was recently bought by Justin Timberlake (amongst others) and is going through a revamp. You can migrate your old site to the new. There are a few kinks still, (that is that your old friends don’t transfer over unless they also migrate their accounts), and the one pet peeve is all the new music news is all about Justin right now. Go figure!

YouTube is idea to showcase your videos. You can create Channels, Playlists, find subscribers, network, AND create revenue (if you hit a certain amount of Views).
Vimeo is an alternative to Youtube. I don’t use it as much. I like it to share private videos with people and at Songsalive! we use it for our Songcraft videos as you can add a password.
Google+ didn’t get a huge rating for me. Hence I didn’t dive deep. But they are trying. Their “circles” at least helps you compartmentalize fans into different groups. Businesses seems to like it (at least that’s Google’s selling point). I’m still on the fence. To access, you need a google or gmail account. It connects within your logins for that.
Soundcloud is the perfect solution for sharing songs (whether full or edited, though you have to edit inadvance before you upload). You can find fans, and they can even post their favorite parts of your song, comment, and even remix your song with permission. Soundcloud is linked sometimes to other social networks too.  They also provide a music player html code for your website.
Blogger is not a social network. It’s a blog. Write and express yourself, and then syndicate/publish the feed on your website through and to your social networks through
Bandcamp seems to be a nice place to sell music directly from your site, and connects with other sites. But it’s not a social network. You can also sell your music on Reverbnation and (the latter is also a social network and you can create a music player for your website, plus all sales go to You. Actually Soundclick is my favorite site for showcasing music. Like the old, they also have Charts. You may see yourself in the top 10 one day. is not a social network in the true sense, but it is an online networking community where you can upload your “resume” (Jobs, Education, Expertise) and then connect with others in the biz. I love it for doing and expanding my “business as an artist entrepreneur” and people take you way more seriously there, than any other social network that is generally seen as “fun”.

I’m no guru on Social Networks. I’m an Artist, and I run my own business. I coach other artists in their careers too. It may seem a lot to connect the dots, but if you follow my tried and true methods above, you’re thre-quarters there. The rest is actually promoting (Status updates, writing, networking) and creating GREAT music.

-and putting it all together at and

Friday, February 22, 2013

Respect The Artist - Buy The Music

People are willing to pay $5 for a cup of coffee that
Cost pennies to make
Takes minutes to prepare
Is gone forever after one use

Cost thousands to record
Can be used over & over again
Took years of practice to create
….. and lasts a lifetime!

Gilli: This is so true. BUY music people. I and other musicians/artists dedicate our lives to music and hopefully a living from it. But it starts with you. With the culture. With education. With giving it value. I value it. Do you? Lets teach our youth to value buying music again.

gilli moon

Friday, January 04, 2013

Getting To Bliss

I’m starting to come to the realization that I see life a whole lot differently than most people.

I’m an insatiably happy person.

When I was four years old, I knew exactly who I was going to be, and I was bright, positive and carefree. I insisted on piano lessons, loved them, and wanted to be center of attention. By eight I was singing, dancing and starring in plays. I would look out at the ocean and feel my future destiny. By sixteen I knew my gifts, felt confident, won more acting roles, and became vice president of the student union at school. I was playing piano, coming up with compositions used the living room as my stage to sing all my songs, as if I was already on the world stage. By eighteen I was on a plane to Europe to discover the world, having already been selected at a university (I took a year off to travel). After college, at twenty one I was living in new York feeling the amazing Broadway energy in my veins. By thirty I had lived half way round the world and was now in Los Angeles living my dream.

I’ve been living my dream my whole life and it hasn’t stopped.

I’ve always been an optimist. I’ve always felt confident in my abilities, and even when I didn’t know something, I, at least, had an adventurous streak to try something new and see where it took me. I’ve always had a “go get ‘em mentality”.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my fair share of adversity. Probably more than most, too. The obstacles I’ve had to overcome physically (medically), emotionally (relationships), mentally (living in hardship in various times of my life), economically, and literally (changing countries as my home, as one example), could have all broken me.

But they didn’t. I saw every adversity as an opportunity for growth and a new way of being. I look back and say, “wow, look what I have achieved”. This allows me to look forward to the ocean of opportunity in front of me, all the time.

That’s why, along with being an artist, I enjoy coaching other artists, and running Songsalive! the non-profit songwriters community. That’s why I write books, with titles like “I AM a Professional Artist” and “Just Get Out There”, and conduct workshops. My songs are usually about self-empowerment (“I’m Alive”, “I Can Feel”, “Woman!”)  I love to inspire others to see it through my rose colored glasses.

Put me in a pool of mud, and I’ll see it as a warm, blue ocean to frolic in.

But not everyone sees it the way I see it. Not everyone feels it the way I feel it. Many have to work at it to develop the craft of getting to bliss, for it just doesn’t come naturally to them like it does for me. Many only see the adversity, and stop there.

Today I’m pondering this with a tad of bittersweet. I wish everyone saw it the way I do, and just lived their lives with a spring in their step. But I can’t force others to feel it the way I do, or approach it the way I have. Some people just innately, or mentally, or physically, wake up sad, tired, overwhelmed, despondent, in-confident, insecure or frazzled.
So, for those that don’t live that A Type “I love my life” day, or for those who have felt it once but have seemed to have lost it,… perhaps I can offer some ideas on getting to that place. You all know I wrote a book called “Just Get Out There”. I do encourage you get a copy if you are creative because it has such a wealth of tips and resources to become empowered and successful. I have other writings too, on my website blog, and I offer one-on-one coaching as well.

Want that perpetual joy, optimism and courage?

Here are my “Getting to Bliss” strategies:

1.        It’s all about making a SHIFT with your mindset – a lot happens around us, good and bad. It’s up to us as to how we respond to it that makes all the difference. Ease into responding with joy, hope and curiosity. Every time you have that negative inner voice barking in your ear, learn to tune it out and think of the positive sides.

2.       Understand your process – You may be one of those types who like to be super organized with your agenda, deadlines and to do lists. But some people like to be more whimsical and spontaneous, with no lists, agenda nor deadlines. If this is you, that’s ok. It’s good to give yourself boundaries for all pistons to fire and not be on a rollercoaster, but follow that creative muse when it comes, and learn to ride the waves of the ups and downs and…. Stillness.

3.       Do the things that are important to you – Much of our frustration comes from having to do things that we don’t want to do, or don’t like to do. It’s time to discard what no longer serves you (tasks, things, people, and even old outdated dreams) and focus on what is important to you and what makes you happy. This can be a hard process, but well worth it.

4.       Find reason to do less, yet achieve so much more – It’s never about how hard you work, or how much you work, but how efficiently you work. If you can master the art of working in 3 hours a day, and playing the rest, you have found bliss. Just because others are slaves to their jobs, doesn’t mean you have to be. Focus hard on the tasks at hand, and get them done. Then go play in the sand. You’ll be surprised at how much you actually achieve when there’s balance in your life. But it doesn’t come without proper, diligent, focus when you are “switched on”. I call that “mini deep diving”. Dive in deep, complete, then play.

5.       Do the things you need to do, but have fun in it, it’s all creative – When you don’t feel like doing “Work” or tasks, or music business stuff, think of it as a creative opportunity. I find business and marketing very creative if I just see it that way. Getting on Twitter, or creating a newsletter to promote my latest release, or writing emails to business folks, can be exciting when you cream of the possibilities of the outcomes. Think outside the box, come up with new ways to do things, and enjoy the sunshine along the way.

6.        Don’t get bogged down in specifics - Stay generic. If you want to complete a project but get too caught up in the details, this can thwart any momentum of even getting started. Just think of the overall idea and slowly and easily write down some notes, but don’t feel like you have to fill in all the blanks on how to make it happen. We usually don’t know every step to take, so don’t worry. Just START. Be in touch more with the feeling and desire of it, rather than the nitty gritty of all the details (that would turn any brain to mush!)

7.       Let it happen. ‘law of attraction’ -  Have you heard of the saying “Don’t watch the kettle boil”? It never boils while you are staring it at it. The minute you walk away the water boils. That’s a good reference for our lives. Getting bogged down in the minutia and pushing for outcomes and manifestations usually leads to zero results and just a lot of frustration. Stop knocking on the door. Step back for a bit and you’ll find the door will open magically for you without all the fuss. This works by you letting go of the control a bit and de-focusing on the pushing. Think, visualize and believe the outcome (what you want the result to be). Keep focusing on that. Let the universe help you in getting there. You get what you focus on. Focus on the joy.

8.       Shift from difficulty to ease – When you feel like you have “writers block” or your tired and negative, go do something else. Be creative on other things. Hey, it’s ok to watch your favorite TV show! Spice it up, change it up, and be prepared to even change your dreams. You are the master of your destiny and today you can re-invent yourself to be anything you want to be.

9.       Integrate: I am all of it – When you start to realize you are all of “it”, meaning all that you are, you do, and be, you will start to take the pressure off yourself when you feel like you’re not doing what you are “supposed to do”. Who wrote the rules on what you’re supposed to do anyway? Who said you have to follow your career in a certain way, or do this or that. Make up your own rules. Define success on your OWN terms.

Getting to Bliss is about getting to yourself. Be in touch with who you really are and what you really want, and you’re half way there. The rest will come to you without you even trying.

Try this “Getting To Bliss” Exercise:

Try changing up this coming week to meet the real needs of you. I guarantee this exercise helps to cure feeling overwhelmed and be balanced and BLISSFUL.

In doing this exercise, follow the FEELING every moment of your day. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?”. If it doesn’t feel good: CHANGE to something else that does. Stay with the feeling more than the wanting.

Be less specific in your tasks, and more general, giving yourself time to be with a project or an act of doing, without getting bogged down in the nitty gritty..

i.                     Monday: what are you going to do today? Be completely open to what you’d like to do. Don’t put any agenda, tasks or to-do lists in front of you. Just see what happens spontaneously from the moment you wake up.
ii.                   Tues:  what are you going to do today? Try narrowing it more to being totally creative. It usually goes this way. Again, no other tasks or to-do lists. Live on the wild creative side, early in the week, while everyone else is laboring over hard work!
iii.                  Wed: Today, focus on things that could make you financially abundant. Set up a to-do list for the day that asks you to focus, visualize and do things that may bring in financial wealth and/or opportunities. See where that takes you for the day.
iv.                 Thurs: Focus on tasks that share who you are with the world. This could be marketing your music, or promoting online. Or it could be picking up the phone or sending emails. Share with us who you are!
v.                   Fri: Today, just to “me” day things. Everything that you do should be all about you, loving yourself, nurturing yourself, and being with yourself.

(Of course you can change the days of week to start on weekend if you feel uncomfortable starting creative days on a Monday. But I think it would be fun to change it up a bit).

Ok, the week has ended… How did it feel? Did you stay with the feeling? Were you able to get into an easy flow each day? Were you getting to bliss?

A theory published in 2010 in the journal Thinking Skills and Creativity “links time management and creativity together as being mutually beneficial to each other. Basically, if you're good at managing your time and creating to-do lists, there's a positive correlation to your creative time. The implication is that you can schedule for and decide to be creative, which is exactly what we'll be looking how to do…. creating a block of time where you can let the muse speak. To others, it's more about rescheduling any problem-solving portions of your day when you're at your creative peak.”(Ref: link)

Well, as you all know I’ve been talking about this for years. This is exactly the essence of my artist career coaching, books, and workshops: being business-minded and organized with your creativity, and all your creative business aspects, attracts success. This is the essence of the artist entrepreneur.

How can you get organized? Come work with me, one-on-one. Face your obstacles and fears, overcome your roadblocks, get clear with who you are and what you want and create a creative roadmap plan that will help you realize your life dreams, and GET TO BLISS…