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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

the calm before the storm.. australia Sept 04

Thursday, September 02, 2004 - Monterosa, near Wollombi, NSW Australia aussie bush sounds i sneaked in to australia on friday night to visit my folks and take a spell from recording. it's been an intense but glorious 6 weeks of recording songs for Extraordinary Life. Being home, on the mountain, surrounded by gum trees and wildlife, is invigorating and also peaceful. i'm running at least 5 miles a day and getting warrior fit. i'm taking time in going over the tracks from the studio, reflecting, planning, enjoying, smiling. I'm reading and listening to Toltec magic stories. It's nice to be home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday, September 07, 2004 a certain sense of calm before the storm i find it interesting being back in australia and it's cold, wet and sleeting... but it's spring. this is certainly an odd time to be at home. i managed so well to balance my year with summer summer all year round, but coming home in Sept has offset that!!! Anyway, it's really nice being here and i'm getting on with lots of projects including listening to my half finished album project, and filming my first short film for the Wollombi Short Film Festival. I'm definitely making a funny short film, that will be just plain and outright silly. Can't be too serious in 5 minutes. I'm also thinking of chopping all my hair off. It's half way down my back, but it just gets in my way. I'm thinking of something short and punky. Might be an interesting look for extraOrdinary promotions. The album is now going to be called "extraOrdinary Life" with the hyphen being significantly important to deliniate between extra and ordinary, both interesting words in themselves and when put together creating the perfect double entendre, no? Back to creating and thinking. Lots of thinking. And reading. An writing. And doing. And doing nothing too. ;) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday September 14, 2004 I've had a really bad bout of the blues which lasted until yesterday. it's amazing how silly boys can affect your heart. phewy. but now... i'm learning to laugh again. i just finished my first short film which i wrote, performed in, filmed and edited. It's a 4 minute spoof called "Funky Talk" starring Fleur Flem (me) interviewing Mr. John "How's Your Father" Snortbottom (my chin, with eyes drawn on it and funny glasses), about the subject of politics. I'm entering it into the Wollombi Short Film Festival which will be live on Friday 24th Sept, 2 days before I depart. Funny silly things to do on the mountain ;) It goes something like this... Funky Talk, with Fleur Flem Fleur Flem: Good evening. Today we have the pleasure to interview a very special guest live from Tweedleslurp Wetdung County, a consummate and celebrated antipathist turned politician, Mr. John, “How’s Your Father” Snortbottom. John Snortbottom: Good evening. FF: Thank you for being with us tonight. J: I think it’s my pleasure. FF: It has been suggested, Mr Snortbottom, that you might be running for the government. Is that correct? FF: Well that’s a definite possibility. I: I see, and could you please define what you mean by ‘definite possibility’? FF: Simply said, it’s definite that I might run the Senate. Yes. I: Well then. So let me get this correct for our viewers, you say - ‘definite possibility’ meaning you say it’s possible… but surely it’s not definite at all? FF: No, I am saying that it’s a definite possibility because there’s a possibility that it will be definite. FF: Right. Um… But isn’t that just contradicting yourself? J: Quite possibly not at all. FF: Well, by saying that something is definite and then adding that it’s possible, wouldn’t that be only creating an oxymoron? J: Noooo. Of Course I may say ‘definite possibility’ as being completely and certifiably possible. Look, If I just said it’s definite then there would be no question it would happen, but you see in this case I can’t be sure it will happen… and by saying it’s just possible would be too ambiguous and vague, so by combining ‘definite’ and ‘possible’ I’m letting you know that it’s possibly definite. (pause) FF: Ahhhh…., but if you say it’s a definite possibility then you’re neither giving me the definite nor the possible. It’s like you’re null and voiding both because it doesn’t make sense. How can you be definite and possible at the same time? J: (pause) How can what be definite and possible at the same time? FF: How, how can … what we were talking about be definite and possible at the same time? , how can … what we were talking about be definite and possible at the same time? , how can … what we were talking about be definite and possible at the same time? , how can … what we were talking about be definite and possible at the same time? J: What were we talking about? FF: (confused) Ah…. (getting situated) Well I’m sorry to cut this interview short but we seem to have run out of time. That was “Mr. John, “How’s Your Father” Snortbottom on the subject of….um… politics… Next week we will be talking to the great African Swahili Opera Diva, Dame Wajia Tickleyourfatasswithafeather, on the subject of Touring on a Low Carb Diet. Until then, Goodnight.