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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I’ve written a new article which I’m very proud of called DIY MUSIC LICENSING

It’s all my tips and tools on how to get your songs into Film and TV.

I’ve spent a long time writing it, and it really is a comprehensive stepping stone that answers the questions I get about this whole arena of music licensing

To read it, I’ve made it an exclusive article through Songsalive!, because I volunteer for the organization (as I also am president of it) and felt that my time and sweat was deserving of the members who feed its community.

To read the Article go to

There are also fabulous new links from the article to Contacts on getting songs placed, including our own Songsalive! Songshop program, and our Discount Partners.

To log in to Songsalive!, go to and log in on the left. Forgot your password? There is a reminder link there.

Need to renew? Go to

Want help to $ renew? Use GILLIFRIEND and get 20% off. J

I would love your feedback on the article when you’ve read it.

Thanks and have a GREAT day, and read!


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