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Friday, August 30, 2013

The End of the Beginning

The following is an excerpt from gilli moon's book JUST GET OUT THERE. Own it today.

Here is where it’s at folks:
Live your life like you are at the beginning of the road, and let go of the oars and flow…

If my only priorities were to sell CDs, make tons of money and get everyone to love me, I will make myself sick, stressed and deeply unhappy.

If my priorities are to enjoy my journey; tell a good story whether on a CD, live at a show, or in my writings; enjoy the creative process; learn and discover the world; and INSPIRE others along the way – then it’s a different life, a GREAT life, a REAL life… my life. I know that I’m an Artist for life. I have much to say, and I am going to have a great time “having a go” and making it all worthwhile. The CD sales, radio play, Grammy awards and Newsweek interviews come and go. The JOURNEY of being the Warrior Artist, and the savvy successful Artist Entrepreneur LIVES ON.

*        Continually step back and take a broader view of your life and your dreams.

*        Have a broader mission that isn’t just about you, but how you want to inspire others.

*        Lead your life with dignity like a good Warrior Artist Entrepreneur does, knowing the universe will provide you all the freedom you deserve.

*        Don’t sweat the small stuff: let go and let it come. Allow it to unfold.

*        Trust in yourself, your heart, your passion and the universe.

*        Patience is key.

*        Don’t take yourself so seriously. There’s way more fun in laughter and it’s quite entertaining.

*        Don’t take it all so personally. Other people’s stuff is their subjective view on reality. The less you emotionally take things personally, and listen more to your own advice, the better off you’ll be.

*        Know you have to have climbed t
he mountain, and really feel the rocks and stones along the way, to understand what it truly feels like to succeed, and get to a place of joy. It doesn't happen overnight. It’s a lifelong journey of becoming.

*        You are the actor in your play. You created your play called “your life”. Enjoy it.

*        Who has the gold? You do. Be the creative explorer in your life and know you are the master of your destiny.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s challenging and uncomfortable. But you will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction every step of the way. You will always be moving forward.

And now, a little personal somethin' somethin'.... my newborn twins... Now, look who's enjoying the journey....

art is life, life is art,
gilli moon

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  1. Hey, you're still blogging! Most every other blog that I was following is dead now… Facebook is the new blog I guess. Anyway just thought I'd let you know someone read this :)