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Monday, April 05, 2010

Following my call along the Roman wall...revealing my album cover, before the album launch.

Follow my call along the Roman wall
Mystic signs of my family life
Dreaming of my playground
Didgeridoo Dreaming
(Lyrics from "Didgeridoo Dreaming", from my first Album Girl In The Moon, by gilli moon

A few months to my album release, and I'm doing some inner wanderings in Rome, Italy. It's really great to get outside the goldfish bowl of Los Angeles, and be in touch with the wisdom of the sages. Walking along the cobble stone streets, I feel the history, the wars, the romance, the writings, the Art, oh the Art.

And on that note, I'd like to reveal to my diary readers, my definitive CD cover for the upcoming album, The Stillness. I'm putting together a big party on Tuesday June 29, at The Mint, Los Angeles, to celebrate its release. There will be a collective of fabulous musicians who played on the record, and special guest artists too. Quite an extravaganza.