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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

delving in deep

A week off, we're back in the studio and we're diving in deep. With song titles like "The Stillness", "Silent Prophet", "Outside In", and "Cling On", and "Be", you might see that I'm going within, going really deep. A lot of the messages from the new album reinforce enjoying the moments, enjoying the journey, as well as being happy to just "be" in the "stillness" and knowing that's the place to be. Like my last album, this one is a continual path of self-discovery, mixed with a lot of positive love and emotion: I'm in a good place, and it's evident in these new recordings.

The songs are coming fast and furious, and easy. Only 8 days of recording and we are pretty much ready to mix. I don't sweat the little stuff and most of the vocalizing and playing is spontaneous and free, yet methodical in preparation. We don't have fancy instrumentation: each song sounds like it's played with the same band. I'm having fun playing with my voice and coming up with cool parts. Matt, my co-producer, is enjoying editing weird shit here and there with loops and breaks. We are mad scientists in a creatively free realm. Loving it.

I head to New York Thursday for a show and some moments with my man, and then I'm off on a solo journey to Australia, to go on a Bushwalk, and finish my book I promised to finish. In March we mix the record.

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