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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

recording a new album... it feels pretty sweet....

Well I’m in the studio again. After 3 years of personal music stagnation (except for everyone else’s albums I’ve been producing), I’m now back in the studio writing and producing my new album. It will be called THE STILLNESS.

It’s been an amazing journey promoting my last record, extraordinary life, and as I’ve been travelling, and changing as person, woman and artist, I’m ready for this new collection of material to unfold.

Like the title represents, this album speaks to the stillness in our lives, and our souls. I’ve been on a mega journey inward these past years, and it oozes out in my writing. Or non writing actually. Things have been still inside, creatively speaking for some time. On the outside I’ve been very businesslike, entrepreneurial and successful to be honest. My record company and artist development endeavors have brought me enormous satisfaction. I like working with other artists and their careers. But the balance needs to be present, in my life: and so… the studio is my solace,… recording my album, my songs, my stories. It’s very exciting.

It’s coming organically as all the other albums, but I think I’m doing it much faster. My chops are better, and also my perfection ranking is less: which is good. Let me tell you why – when I was younger I would second guess every move I made, hence delaying and wasting time in the studio doing things over and over. I was very much like that with recording my piano playing and singing. Now, I’m usually a one take wonder, and because I’ve been doing it for so many years, I reckon I’m better than ever.

We recorded drums and bass on Monday with Frank Musarra on drums and Andy Cat on bass. They did a fine job. I feel it always important to lay the ground work first, and with solid drums and bass, the song can then flourish. Mind you, this time around I fiddled with my protocols at home first and did all the scratch tracks (rough piano, vocal and a click) which acted as a guide for the boys in the studio, and also saved studio money by doing that part at home.

We’re back at MT Studios in Burbank. Matt Thorne is an awesome engineer and friend. This must be my 6th album with him now.

Shawn Cunnane stepped it up on guitar on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ve been using a Les Paul, a Strat and a Minarik. They all sound great on the songs. It’s now Wednesday evening and we’ve been holed up in the same room for 3 days. I’m getting ansy, but I’m loving the music. I just layed down piano and B3 on a couple of the songs. Tomorrow we have off and then back in on Friday for vocals and luscious soulful sounds from Little Sista, a couple of singers I adore, who will provide backing vocals for some of the tunes.

I’m going to post video up soon of the process. For now, keep posted on my blog at, the home of all my writings.


gilli This pic is with Matt Thorne, gilli moon & Shawn Cunnane


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