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Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays! And a little review about our 10 year anniversary to inspire your journey

REVIEW: We had a fantastic Songsalive! End of Year Xmas party and 10 year celebration at the Mint Los Angeles Mid December 08. is the direct link of what it was about. I want to share with you how it went because I believe the success of such an event is an inspiration to us all who perform music, and deliver music content in this ever changing new music business. We celebrated it at The Mint in Los Angeles. It was STANDING ROOM only, and all the dinner tables were completely booked out in advance. We had a marathon of artists (22 singer-songwriters, 1 spoken word artist and a band so total 24) performing from 7.30pm till 12.30pm. Why was it a success? For several reasons. 1. All the artists came together to be part of it and many travelled from around the world to participate. They came and contributed their time because they knew it was for a common cause. 2. Everyone brought people. That's why it was a packed house. We all helped make it a full house so that everyone could entertain to lots of people. 3. The audience stayed for the whole evening because they were enraptured with the strong talent and the feeling that was created on the night. It was a rainy, windy, cold night in L.A, and The Mint was on fire. In the 10 years I've lived in L.A it can be a hard sell to get people out to a show, but I believe that because of the intentions we all had to "want" to make it a success, we ALL made it a success, together, as a united force. Artists who performed on the night were myself, gilli moon – J.Thomas - Christopher Barran (from Canada) - Charles William - Genevieve - Gary Fuges - John M - Melinda Ortner - Paulina Logan - The Conlons - David Babich - Wayne Storm - Amy Mathesius (from Colorado) - Bill Dobbins - Amy Raasch - Kaye Reznick - Linah Rocio (from Switzerland) - Chris Valenti – Ian Hopkinson (from Australia) – Steven McClintock & Cathy-Ann McClintock – Greg Dormani – Mike V. Plus spoken word artist J.Walker. And closing with the hottest star out from Great Britain, filled with rock, glam and pizzazz - Zoe Scott - and her 5 piece band Hosted by radio star Jennifer “JJ” Julian. Our Songsalive! showcases have always been great: with talent always exceeding expectations. Often small and intimate, this event last night was one of the few marathon type nights. All our artists are Songsalive! members, and also for last night. Some came from AROUND the world. Linah from Switzerland, Ian from Australia, and J.Thomas flew down from Sacramento JUST for the event, as well as Amy Mathesius from Colorado. The dedication of these artists to participate in it was fantastic. We gave away $1500 worth of prizes in our End of year raffle with two winners - of fantastic music business books and resources, vocal lessons, pampering gifts, Songsalive! membership and SO MUCH MORE. What I like the most is that we created a loving, creative and joyous space. People in the audience felt the energy. Brilliant. There was great harmony in the room. People came up to me and said how they loved the “energy” and camaraderie, and that the talent was superb. Yes it was. This was one of THE most successful shows we’ve had in our ten years, and what a way to celebrate our big birthday party and the holidays. I was very, very impressed with The Mint as a venue and we highly recommend it to perform at. Our Songsalive! team were fantastic, helping in every which way, at the merch booth, in the VIP room, on stage, off stage, promoting what we do and chatting with our guests. They gave their all, as did the amazing artists who contributed their talents for the wonderful night. I’m on a high. This is why Songsalive! exists. To build community and support for songwriters and musicians,…. To provide EXCELLENT entertainment looking for original music artists,…. To work with a venue that supports what we do,…. To provide a platform for talented artists,... WE achieved this last night. Songsalive! doesn’t exist without you. For Los Angeles residents: If you’re in L.A come to our workshop this Sunday (Fiona Kernaghan is our guest speaker, and Paul Moyer who moderates our workshops will kick your butt when it comes to your song you bring to present and get feedback). Our workshops are designed for our members to GATHER on a monthly basis, (3rd Sundays) share songs, learn, and just BE together as a community. Or perform or just turn up and support our Hallenbecks showcases First Fridays of the month. for details. For worldwide residents: We have chapters all around the world for details. We provide critique workshops, performance showcases, and general "go-to" support with our coordinators who are all songwriters and volunteers who want to create community in their areas. Australia, our first Region, is run by co-founder Roxanne Kiely, and it's an unbelievable country for original music. Across the U.S we have chapters with hubs of songwriter communities who are all part of Songsalive! And now in Scandinavia we have a chapter and they did their first showcase in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday. We are about to start in Papua New Guinea and South Africa. UNBELIEVABLE! This is all because of people who want to tap into our international umbrella, to feel connected WORLDWIDE. And our "social networking" type organization was like this BEFORE the Internet had social network sites. This is a HUMAN NETWORK. :) If you are a Member, log into our backstage portal and USE our site. We spend a lot of time making Songsalive! function online as well as in person, log in. Apply to showcase at future events by logging into the portal directly here at Join as a member at GET INVOLVED in our non-profit 501)c)3) organization. It’s not expensive. And you get SO MUCH for the value. Not a songwriter? That’s fine. Join as an Associate member and support our organization and its members. And I’m ALWAYS here for you. Much love to all, Gilli

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