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Thursday, December 03, 2009

I am elated. My album is done.

I feel so inspired.

I'm feeling so much lighter.
What I am is all I need to be.
(Song:I AM)

Ladies and gentlemen, my album is done. I completed mastering today at Oasis Mastering in Burbank. 14 tracks and a year to create them. THE STILLNESS.

I am literally crying. What an opus. What a year. What a purge.

I think about finding the stillness. I have felt it, so well, recently. It comes from years... decades... of reaching for it, travelling life and feeling the ups and downs. I have done it, pretty much, on my own, this road as an artist. I've felt the heartache, I've felt pain, I've felt elation, and constant creation. I have had lessons, really hard lessons. I've been a warrior girl, an independent artist constantly striving for victory... dealt with harshness of the music business, and people in that... and continued to run my own affairs and held strong to my dreams... and I have come through the vortex to the other side...
I'm an enigma in my own living room, can't seem to get my tongue to hit the words I want to say
and everything I feel, all that I am I throw out naked
I'm yearning for the outcome of my days to caress my childhood fairytales....
What are you waiting for?.. to run with the wind in my face and swim in the deepest oceans...
and listen to the stillness (Song: The Stillness)
I have had a real love affair with my music, the piano and the music biz. It's been rocky, but when I sit on the piano, i forget the biz, and think of the ivories:
I want to tumble with you inside outside and round and round, till we sleep in the rain clouds. I want to feel everything about you and you of me, inside outside tumbling free (Song: Outside In)

I am so ambitious. I almost gave up. Truly. You may not know that of me. But a little while ago, just before I started putting this album together, I got really tired. You would too if you lived the path least travelled.
But then, jumping into the studio gave me a fresh feeling, and I remembered, oh,... how I remembered, how much I love this MUSIC..... this triumph in artistic freedom.

I am a consummate artist. I create on a daily basis. I have nothing to prove. I do this because I love it. I realized that I don't need to seek anybody else's counsel in my life. I have it right here. I've always had it.

I had a revelation, as I fell asleep last night / a true illumination that put a spotlight on my life / and here I've been yearning, burning dreaming all this time / and I suddenly realized it's all in my mind. If I ever want to talk to someone, who deals in possibilities / someone who can hear what's on my mind, who can be my eyes when I can't see / when I'm feeling down, when I'm feeling blue cos of life's insanity / all i need is a conversation with me. (Song: Conversation With Me. Co-written with Pamela Phillips Oland)

This is what this album is about. It's about me. It's about feeling empowered; feeling a whole lot wiser. I guess I'm all grown up. (Though I like feeling young and being new at it all too). I know that my music path has been filled with a myriad of experiences. But this time, I didn't try and fit into anybody's box. This box is my own.

I am so proud of this body of work and I can't wait to share it with you.

Soon. Very soon.

The release date will be sometime in February 2010.

Until then I send a shout out to these people who gave me so much for this album
Matt Thorne (co-producer) Jeff Walker, Andy Catt (bass), Shawn Cunnane (guitar), Frank Musarra (drums). There are more. A plethora of players and warriors. They'll be listed on the album.

News soon.

gilli moon 

Spinning around the world I’ve been tossed and turned I’ve been around standing my ground, oh yeah
Never once have I questioned my life, my dreams inside, hiding my pride…oh oh
But I feel so new, my blood’s coursing through my veins
And I feel so true,.. I have changed
I’m alive – I feel brand new
I’m alive – because of you
I’m alive – you’re a part of my soul
I’m alive – you make me whole
  (Song: I'm Alive)

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  1. Great work! I look forward to hearing it. Listened to Inside Out on SongsAlive! compilations CD great song. I'm glad you didn't give up, and I do understand, but your creating is a gift to this world. Thanks for having the courage to share your gifts.

    The SongsAlive! x-mas party was a hoot! Well done. Great mix of people.