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Friday, November 20, 2009

Warrior Girl Music eNews Nov 09

warrior girl music
November 09 eNews
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Quote (lyric) of the month:
I had a revelation, as I fell asleep last night
A true illumination, that put a spotlight on my life
And here I've been yearning, burning dreaming all this time
And I suddenly realised it's all in my mind..
gilli moon "Conversation With Me" from the upcoming album "The Stillness"
co-written with Pamela Phillips Oland.

G'day peaceful warriors... What a thankful November. I'm so truly blessed to be doing what I do in this creative world I live in. Really nice to have your email company for a moment as I share with you my monthly newsletter. Lots of juice this month. A speaking engagement at MIMICon in Hollywood, last gig for the year will be on December 1 in L.A for Songsalive! Xmas Party, and 2 wonderful shows in Australia with Grace Knight 2nd and 3rd January and you need to book early to get a seat. Also wrote about my October month which was full of touring, recording and speaking, plus some insightful tips for those who want to be artist entrepreneurs...
Enjoy the read below, and the ride. There's so much to absorb, as life is filled with action and creativity,

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