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Friday, October 15, 2004

Putting the East Coast in perspective. back in L.A Oct 2004

Friday October 15, 2004 - Los Angeles, CA The East Coast was a blast. I was so overly jet lagged from the Aussie trip that I would go to bed at 4am every night… and still get up at 9am for meetings and to-dos. Hanging out with Patti from Smartwomen Radio, and her new bub Grace, was great. Got me a little clucky. Woah there. The Bitter End gig was an interesting one. Not as big a turn out than I was expecting. Last year it was packed. This year, the 8pm slot seemed too early. By 9pm, the place was full again. The piano, although historic and grand, is in the wrong spot to see the whole audience. No matter what direction you place it, I can't see the audience and we couldn't place it centre stage, only at the end of the stage, because of other bands setting up. That made me feel a little less appreciated and it kind of showed in my performance. I was unsettled by the sound, by the lack of audience (even my own friends who promised to be there did some no-shows), and by the very fact that most people were witnessing butt crack at the back of my jeans rather than my pearly white teeth and smile. I was constantly swinging my head backwards for people to see my face and my sense of humor even wore on me after a while ;) ANYway, afterwards we all (the fab de Fontenay brothers and friends and more…) crossed over to Gonzalez y Gonzales where Sounni once again gave us carte blanche on the food and margaritas. Oh.. My .. God. Fabo! Next day I could barely get out of bed to drink Eric's fab CafĂ© au Lait before heading to La Guardia for the day travel back to Los Angeles. So it's not surprising that by the time I got back to l.a I was absolutely pooped. And… no clean clothes and a bedroom that looked like a bomb had hit it. I had literally been out of the city for 6 weeks. But no rest for the wicked, I'm back into studio mode again recording my album and others. This is what I wrote on my enews the other day: "gilli moon has just flown in from 6 weeks abroad (Australia and the East Coast.) She launched the new Boston Songsalive! Chapter and made headway for the new NY chapter, plus spoke at the Nemo conference, and performed at NY's favorite Bitter End (piano has been twinkled by fab artists including Billy Joel and Elton John). Phew... Now, back in Los Angeles, she's majorly immersing herself in studio sessions for the next few months, recording her upcoming 05 release "extraOrdinary Life", plus producing debut Cds for the delightful Dina Gathe (L.A) and Hilde Sevens (Belgium). Meanwhile, catch her shows in the next few weeks where she will make some discreet appearances. Don't miss the Egg Festival with full band, a trip to Santa Barbara. Soon to come, a weekly residency at Fitzgeralds. Fabo! Gigs below and more to be announced on her website. go tours and buzz for more" Always the self-promoter, I actually decided to jump into a whole series of live gigs to keep me toasty in los angeles. I'm not doing an aussie xmas this year so I thought I'd make the most of the l.a lifestyle and create a social life by performing. L.a is not a city like ny where you can walk outside and be thrown into "lifestyle". You gotta make your own here. I have ONCE AGAIN been nominated for Best Solo Artist at L.A's Rock City Music Awards (Rockies). It's an interesting awards ceremony. I've missed the last 2 years even though I won, but apparently if you're not dressed for punk, rock, death metal, black , nose rings and tattoos, you look very much out of place. So.. Until next time...

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