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Thursday, June 09, 2005

i'm off to london

oh my god. it's coming up so soon. i have to start living this extraordinary life. i feel like i've been eternally in the studio, creating, recording, hybernating, submerged deep into my own creative psyche. and now... finally i'm coming out of the cocoon. First stop... London. May as well go for the international flavor at the outset no? I arrive next Friday and have 2 special shows on 21st and 22nd. Then after London i'll make my way to Rome to visit the family. I'm so so excited with this new album. It's new. It's fresh. I have really gotten in touch with my songwriting, what i want to say, kept it simple. Organic, yet have really experimented in the studio. The photos reflect the same freshness i think, a little beauty, but ultimately some humor. if people really dig deep, they'll find a lot of humor with this record... my pun on hollywood, the music biz, myself. i have deconstructed everything about me, about love, about life. it's all there in black and white... and the grey. i'm so relieved, and so alive. i feel awake.

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