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Friday, September 23, 2005

responding to a comment on my diary

Today I received a comment on this online diary from an anonymous writer. I thought I'd respond to it. It's a pity this person didn't leave their name. At least I am open to who I am. I'd love to hear from this person directly. For now, I will publish my thoughts on the comments.
Firstly, I am perplexed by this kind of comment. Ego shift? Altruistic giver? I'm not sure if this person truly grasps the altruism I live by on a daily basis, with what I do for Songsalive! and by the free workshops I do for others. I am perplexed because this person is obviously reacting to a particular thing I wrote but doesn't write what that is. "Taking advantage?" Who am I taking advantage of? What relationships am I destroying? Please enlighten me so that I can perhaps put things in perspective. Finally, I am merely an artist expressing myself. I do a lot for others, more than most in this fickle music business. Where along the way am I allowed to enjoy the fruits of my labor or am I destined to be a matyr?
Show your face lovely commenter so I can discuss this with you. Gilli

"who is writing this? some stranger who knows Gilli or Gilli herself. Strange when people begin to promote oneself as if another where doing so...
when we have the ego shift that becomes one of taking, yet displaying a guise of "altruistic" giving. An altruistic giver - gives - less ego and more substance please. we all miss the humbe Gilli. what happened to her? this meant in the best way of constructive cricisism - because we love Gilli but feel she has lost her way and is taking advantage of those she claims to care about. SAD SAD SAD - please wake up before you destroy good relationships." Anonymous.


  1. "between the black and the white, I find clarity - between the darkness and light, you resurrect me...I am a vision in white, serenity...come inside, my extraordinary life...."

    not too many artists really put themselves out there...but you to one and all, no matter believe in everyone. I admire that in you among other things...

    rock on sister of the moon - you are a light to this planet, but at the same time, as your words say, most humbly, "I'm just a girl, learning all about, the world."

    comments will come and go, but your beautiful, powerful music, insightful, poetic words and that glorious smile with the siren's voice, will live on forever.

    rebellious? feisty? creative? constantly changing? yes, and in the best way - to give to the world and bring love, peace and harmony to those around you.

    your warrior sister, tk

  2. I *WILL* state my name loud and proud and I always do so. Anonymous posts are for the weak-minded and the impure of heart.

    SHOW YOURSELF and maybe your statement will have some credibility, but I don't think so...

    Gilli Moon is a genuine and good person in a world full of "Anonymous" @ssholes. One Gilli Moon is worth more than a thousand of you troublemakers who hide behind cowardly "anonymous" insults.

    I have endured almost 20 years of the constant self-doubt and soul-searching that Gilli describes here. I am only too well acquainted with the slings and arrows that come from all sides even when we KNOW in our heart of hearts that our motives are pure and true.

    There are unfortunately just too many people in the world who have a need to bring pain into the lives of others. It's very sad and I hope that as a race, we outgrow it someday.

    Ignore the jealous, envious and small-minded people who doubt you Gilli. There are THOUSANDS of people who know how hard you work with very little personal reward. Besides, if anyone deserves to reap great rewards it would be you.

    Forge on steady and true my friend!!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ Noel

  3. Larry Mah8:26 PM

    That anonymous post is bothersome in it's generality, and it's subtle "we", purporting to speak for others. Who knows what the person is talking about because there are no specifics. It could even be a troublemaker posting a generic post on many blogs just substituting the blog owner's name each time. Gilli - please ignore that SAD, SAD, SAD post.