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Friday, July 02, 2010

launching the new album.... bloggin' my feelings

Of course,.... I knew this day would come. I had been dreaming about it all my life. The "it" day. the day I would feel goose bumps and tingles all over my body, with a heart satiated and a mind feeling accomplished. This is it, today, the day after my 6th album release, of the most fabulous album i've created, "the stillness". Mind you, all my albums have been fabulous to me, but it's always the new ones that feel the best, don't they?

But this album feels different. The experience is different. The support, oh so much different. I feel like i'm releasing a racehorse, compared to the mules i've taken to the racecourse. Not that the albums were mules. Just the support was lacking. This one, however oh my: what a team have I!

June 29 2010 marked the launch of my album, "the stillness", around the globe, with distribution worldwide, and a lovely, lovely, lovely show in los angeles to celebrate it.

Last night. Oh last night. I've needed 24 hours just to digest it all before i could write about it. What's the word for it....
.... STELLA!
That's it right there. It was a stella night.
Absolutely packed. Standing room only. The tables booked out in the first 2 weeks months ago. It was at The Mint, my favorite venue in L.A. One can dine there, and watch a great show, or hang at the bar. I love The Mint. PHOTOS of the night below.

Some comments about our show:

"First of all, really enjoyed myself – thank you for inviting me.
My overall sense that I really grooved on was the sense of love that was so apparent.  Love between you two, love of music and the love between your smokin’ hot band members.  (Special props for the rhythm section). Very cool.  I think Jeff’s “rhymecology” interludes really work too. I’m still hypnotized with the dream-scape of “I Remember (days in November?)  Could totally feel you on that one.  Still listening.  Great jam.
Really love that creative spirit Gilli – keep it comin’!"

"You really put on a wonderful concert.  So much energy.  I have listened to your cd over and over.  Very inspiring.  Thanks"

"So glad to have been part of the journey Gilli. I think you've ascended to a new level bella. Wish you all the best success in the world with this amazing album."

"Your performance tonight was amazing! Can't wait to play "Stillness" over and over."

"Great show last night Gilli! You know how to slay a set - standing ovation :-)"

"Well, thank you for a GREAT evening and congratulations on the success of your CD launch!! We hope you were happy how it all turned ...out…seemed excellent to us and it felt so well received. "

"Amazing to have the whole band with everyone’s expertise, new songs well appreciated by
everyone, new and familiar faces in the crowd and just a great time.  Gilli, you were wonderful! Voice, songs, music, renditions, energy,  just ...everything!"

And about the new album:

Best Gilli Moon Album Ever!!!

on highest rotation i my car stereo

CONGRATULATIONS on Stillness!  Absolutely superb, thoroughly enjoyable.. Thank you!

 Here's a Women's Radio Review:

What a ride! Since finishing the recording of "the stillness" and receiving the CDs from Disc Makers (which I love by the way!), we instigated a 3 continent marketing campaign through our distributor IDC (Europe and USA) and MGM (Australia).  I have 3 distributors, and, hmmm let me count... 6 publicists, 4 in the UNited States alone. One for press, one for radio, one for social networking, one for bloggers/podcasters (that's 4 here all uniquely serving the record great pr and marketing. then there's one in the uk and one in Australia. Got 2 music video producers, and a coupla interns. Warrior Girl Music,  woopi do, ... is on fire! I'll get back to you later to compare notes on whether it all brings me into the black. he he. In any case, it's fun, i'm alive, i have a team, i'm excited, we're excited. Life is GOOD!

Onwards and upwards!

Photos of the album launch below by the fantastic Larry Mah begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting:

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