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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Music, book, art. Creations....

I am feeling a sense of surrender, love, peace and intense creative achievement. What a day. What a month. Music, book, art. Creations....

Wow. October is starting off with a bang. Life is good. What is the most exciting (although it's hard to compare), is I have in my hot little hands, my brand new book, Just Get Out There. I got my proof from the printer. I'll be launching it at the start of November. I'm so excited. It's 330 pages: a good chunk of a book. I hope many artists enjoy the read and feel inspired (actually a kick in the boot), to ignite their careers to the next level, with this read. So, stay tuned and book details

What with the Music in high gear promoting my album "the stillness", and the Book about to come out, as well as now my Visual Art that I'm exhibiting on my website, I'm feeling a sense of creative achievement that I don't know if I've surpassed before. it's very exciting. I am understanding that my purpose is in creating. I'm a creator. I pursue excellence in my creativity on a daily basis. I want to go to bed at night feeling a sense of creative and artistic accomplishment. That in of itself is a great measure of success.

Not many can say that they have released an album, got on the cover of a magazine, published a book, showcased a new music video and exhibited their art, all in one week. (She says as she blows her knuckles, and winks).
 But it's all a culmination of a lot of sweat, let me tell you. Good, fun, purpose driven sweat.

I think the moral to this little story is: enjoy the journey, because the process of creating is way more magical than the end result (which may or may not be what you envisioned, but you'll get somewhere, somehow).

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