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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New warriorgirl vision for 2011 - release, renewal and blossom

It's going to be an incredible year. I can feel it already. I see it unfolding in two ways. The first I see a great opportunity for renewal. I plan on cleansing, releasing, eliminating and de-cluttering everything that doesn't serve me, and bring my life and my work down to the few things that are important. Secondly, I see it as an opportunity to blossom into creative arenas in uncharted waters, arenas that I have not had time for or had put on the back burner until now, but have always wanted to realize.

So, what am I de-cluttering? Well I started with my wardrobe yesterday. That was fun and hard at the same time. I went through all my clothes and bagged everything that just didn't fit me anymore (even the ones I have kept just in case I will lose a few pounds someday). I also got rid of clothes that I had way too long, that I was just bored of. I took them down to Buffalo Exchange, a cute second hand store that buys and sells hip clothes. Well, apart from a nice gray coat that they bought for $10, they didn't think any of my clothes were cute and hip. So the rest was dumped at Good Will thrift store. No matter what, I have made a charitable contribution for the beginning of my year!

The toughest cleansing will be with projects, jobs and to-dos that I seemingly think I'm going to get around to do, or have been doing but bog me down so much that I don't get on with what I'm passionate about. To that end, I'm taking a serious look at my work load and will be culling everything that no longer serves me, that is outdated, or just doesn't fit into my 2011 and beyond objectives. This will include some volunteer work that I've been doing for a long time that now I will let others do their bit, as well as some projects that are just too small and mundane.

I have a really good chapter in my new book, Just Get Out There, about simplifying your life and de-cluttering. Plus good time management exercises as well. Check out the book at  the promoting of this book will be a strong focus for 2011 with online marketing, speaking engagements and Artist blogs.

The blossoming of me in 2011 is what I'm realllllllly looking forward to. For starters, I plan on expanding my coaching practice.  With that expansion comes a few projects for Artists, including a Tele-Workshop series as well as a weekend Artist Retreat, to empower, inspire and educate artists to become the successful Artist Entrepreneur in their lives. Plus a new site called I look forward to rolling these projects out very soon.

I also will be focusing a lot more on music supervision and placing/licensing songs in films, television shows and with artists. This will be through my publishing arms, Warrior Girl Music (Ascap) and Warrior Moon (BMI) with my catalog, the Warrior Girl Music Artist catalog as well as providing CD Compilations for many artists to partake in, to get their songs in the right hands. With the success of my previous compilations, Females On Fire, and Art Of Men (over 150 artists combined), I know this is a great arena to dive more deeply into.

My live performances will be selective and only on elevated platforms that continue to provide visibility for our band on the world stage. So more a focus on festivals, concerts and cool, hip performances that nurture the original song.

You may not know but I'm  bit of an acting buff, in the comedic arena. I love goofing around and taking the mickey out of myself wherever possible (life is just not worth being overly serious). I have a few short films I made on YouTube with my character Fleur Flem, and can't wait to do more of this kind of work.

It sounds like a lot, but seriously, it's way less than what I do on a day to day basis now. I'm really excited to go with the flow more, release anything that has not served me, and focus on energizing and creatively enjoyable projects.

I hope you all make your new year's resolutions and plans and if you need a kick start, contact me through Warrior Artist Coaching.

~ gilli moon

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