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Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting for the waves

Have you ever surfed? I’ve body surfed since I was a kid living on the Sydney beaches. But I never actually surfed with a board, though I have often watched, for hours, those who did. Now living in California, I have gone from one surf heaven to another.
It’s an interesting concept, surfing. You might be wondering why I chose the word “concept” over the word “sport”. For the sake of this chapter, I’m going to call it a “concept” because the Art of surfing could almost reveal one of the secrets to life: the ability to wait.

We live in an age where we are seduced by instantaneous gratification; where we demand, and are fed, our wants and needs as simultaneous as the moment we think of them; and we are easily disappointed when we don’t get what we want as instantaneously. Media, television, e-mail, and a new generation connected to it all intravenously from a young age, have created a society that has forgotten what it was like to wait for “good things to come.”
But most importantly, enjoy the moment while you can. You see, if you just sit there waiting, you’ll see that life will just pass you by and time goes by really fast. Life isn’t always easy. There will be the ups and the downs. We’ll be tried, tested and thrown into the lion’s den. But we wouldn’t grow or learn if we didn’t have the test in life. Remember that change is constant, so knowing that, enjoy every second you have.
While you’re out on that surf board, waiting for that next big wave, take a look around. Can you see the ocean? Close your eyes and visualize that moment. What do you see in your mind? How do you feel? The warm sun on your back? Your toes cold in the salty sea? Can you taste the salt on your tongue? Enjoy this moment, because it’s the best damn moment you’re going to have. Look back on your past, let it all go, and move into your future with excitement and joy. This is your life. Live it! Now, start kicking. Fast. Go catch that wave!
My mission from here on out, is to continue to STAY INSPIRED in reaching my fullest potential as a human being, and as an Artist, which includes being out in the world, no matter what happens, and pursue excellence in everything I do. It is important to me to really, fully, enjoy my journey because I know that all the “stuff”, the trappings, that come with success (whilst great by-products and quick, feel good things) are not what really make me happy. The feeling of being inspired by who I am and what I want  IS EVERYTHING to me.
I believe that you can be as ambitious as you want, and reach for the highest of heights. Why? Because this is what keeps you inspired. Without a goal, a dream: there is no point. I believe in seeking no one else’s approval but your own, when it comes to what makes you truly happy. The Artist’s life is a life long journey. You’re not in it for a short time, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Being an Artist is for life. So enjoy this journey, wherever it leads you. Don’t be influenced by the commercial aspects of success. If you don’t get on the radio, or get a Grammy award, that doesn’t mean you have failed. There is no such thing as failure, except in your own mind.
I believe that once you master the notion of living in abundance, then abundance comes and continues to come to you your whole life.
It is very freeing once we let go of future goals having to turn out a certain way, and start living IN THE MOMENT.
 Tapping into the journey, the day to day process, provides us with way more rewards and joy, than unrealized future dreams. Being an Artist is a lifelong journey of discovery. It's about living in the NOW and enjoying the process of creating. It's about living with passion.
Have no expectations. Define your life, your successes and your goals by your own terms, on a daily basis. Be different, unique and take risks with your creativity. Have no fear. There is nothing to be afraid of, unless we trap ourselves with unrealistic expectations and unrequited objectives.
 Set yourself FREE to be the Artist you want to be. Be open, be real, be you. 
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~ gilli moon

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