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Friday, December 02, 2011

Giving Thanks

We seldom give thanks, really. We shuffle through our days, our weeks and months in the act of doing. Rarely do we take time to stop and smell the roses, and give thanks except for the one Holiday a year, Thanksgiving. But we shouldn't have to wait for that day to be thankful. Every day can be filled with thanks.
Not only should we thank others, but we should thank ourselves. We should take stock of who we are and who we've become and celebrate our victories, even the small ones. Appreciation of where we've come, along the long path of self-discovery, is so important.
It's easy to give thanks, once we understand how easy it is. It can be for 1 minute a day. Hug yourself, look up to the heavens and say, "thank you universe for giving me permission to be who I want to be, and discover new things, today. Thank you for my growth, and my own self-awareness. Thank you for all the little miracles that add up to one big whole awesome ride, called life."
Whether you believe in God, or Mother Nature, or the Universe, or none of it, there is every reason to give thanks.
Start today, with just a minute, to show your gratitude of YOU, the awesome being that you are.
Now, that I've taken that moment, feeling warm and fuzzy and wonderful as a human being, I want to give thanks to everyone around me. On a personal note, I feel a great sense of achievement today. Fourteen years ago today I moved to the United States from Australia to pursue my dreams as a music recording artist. Since that day I have released 6 albums, on my own label I created; built a worldwide non-profit songwriters organization, Songsalive!; written and published 2 books; toured the States 3 times and all across Europe; and found the man of my dreams and married him.
I am very thankful of the blessings in my life, and the successes that have come to me and that I have created. I am living my dream.
I couldn't have achieved any of that without people. There have been numerous angels in my corner to support and nurture my growth and path and I thank each and every one of them for their guidance and opportunities. I hope I have also assisted their dreams too, even a little bit, for this life is all about the give and the give.

Most of all, I couldn't have achieved any of that without my own sense of purpose, inner confidence and trust that it will all be ok. And it is.
Thank you world.
~ gilli moon

Australia’s Hollywood based Gilli Moon is an Artist, Author, Motivational Speaker Author and Artist Entrepreneur.
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