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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love, Joy and flow. What more could you want in life?

I was driving around LA the other day and became depressed listening to NPR news on the radio. Middle East discontent (when was there ever a different time?); political discontent; shootings, kidnappings, armed robberies, car chases, police blockades; economic woes: NASDAQ this, WallStreet that; Foreclosures, unemployment,… the list went on and on. I started to feel the tension in my hands, as my fingers began to clutch the wheel harder than usual. I honked at a driver in front of me who cut in too close, and my jaw started to clench.

I turned the radio off. “Enough!”I shouted  to myself inside my car, driving along the ever-being-repaired 405 at snail pace speed. Cars choc-a-block on the freeway, all going at about 10 miles an hour, even though a new lane was built to help the process.

I looked at the traffic, and I felt the blocks inside mirroring this tornado of a world I was seeing and hearing.

“I don’t want this life of strife. I don’t want disharmony. I want harmony. I want joy. I want fun. I want things to turn out like I dreamed. I want… flow…”

The minute I said “flow”, the traffic started to open up and i could regain normal speed. It was like I attracted a clear road just by thinking good thoughts. All of a sudden, the whole lane was empty in front of me. I had a clear path, an easy path. I turned the radio back on, and NPR was now playing a really nice and vibey smooth jazz number. I began to sing along,and my heart felt at peace.

Abraham, (of Abraham-Hicks)says, “move to a place of less resistance: focusing activates a vibration, and then the law of attraction manifests it.”

Sounds like a lot of words here, but let me dive in to explain.

It’s not about getting the things done, that you said you’ddo, and being a stress bucket. It’s not about being busy for the sakes of being busy. Nor is it about drama, clutter, negativity, world doom, or unrealized dreams. We’re here for the fun of life: to experience life, for ourselves – and we can, in a joyous, dream filled, flowing way.

By turning the radio off, I immediately took the focus off the negatives, and all the stuff in ‘bigbad’ world, and opened up my mind and heart to what I wanted, in my world. I started focusing on what I wanted, and how I wanted to feel. By the way, focusing means:thinking -  believing - and creating. It’sall one in the same. As an artist, I relate to this a lot. I create a song, I focus on the joy of it. I believe in the process of doing it. It’s all one.

To put it simply, if we start focusing on what we want, andit’s a good “want” that emanates from love and pure desire, then that is the first step for actualizing that want, because the universe gives a little help too, in delivering it to you.

Some of my artist clients (in my coaching sessions) complain about how hard it is to achieve something. They often remove a really great goal they want to achieve, from their written Plan, because it seems too daunting to achieve. My advice is that not all goals are meant to be achieved by your own sweat alone. In fact, if you merely put the goal into action, even just a little bit, you’ll be surprised at how the universe starts opening doors for you to lighten your load. One minute you have no idea how to achieve it.Next minute you have that achieved and more opportunities come flooding in.

It takes the first step. A single step. A joy-filled step.

 I wrote my book, “Just Get Out There” as an artist bible on achieving success and abundance. But look at the title: Just…. Get out there. That word, ‘just” is the key to it all. Yes, we all know we need to get out there. But when you make the shift to know you should get out there, no matter what, even if you don’t know how to, it’s amazing how things start falling into place to show you the way. Just… give it a go. Just…. Try.  Just… do, with no deep analysis: just…. Flow….

I am really skilled in giving artists, and individuals, the impetus and inspiration to create, write down and begin goals. But the actualizing is up to you. Having your goals close by, with some simple strategies on how you can achieve them, is the perfect start. Don’t worry about the missing links, the knowledge on how to achieve them: put some trust in the universe to help manifest them for you. And put some groovy music on the radio while you “just” do it.

Abraham also says, “TheBasis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.”

No goal can ever be accomplished if it isn’t one filled with joy. You have to LOVE it, and WANT it for it to come true. Really. How many times do we put off mundane tasks because we despise doing them. How many times do we become depressed when all we do in life is boring, disconnected duties.We must live our lives on a daily basis doing what we WANT to do, loving the journey and entering into the activity joyfully. It’s about the FUN of it.

Artists and musicians have an easy time creating because it’sso much fun to them. When something is fun, you get to a place of less resistance. Everything because easy,… and it is realized fast.

Next time you feel like you’re stuck out at third basewondering how to get home, ask yourself these questions:
1.      Am I enJOYing what I’m doing right? (If not,change the feeling. Maybe it’s time to do what makes you happy and fills you with joy, and let go of the yucky feeling tasks)
2.      Am I listening only to the positive? (if not,turn that bad “radio” off. Critiquers, your inner critique, and nay-sayers begone).
3.      Am I achieving what I want to achieve? ( If not,change direction. Maybe it’s time to take a new path,… of less resistance).

It’s up to you if you want to force the paddles to try and row up stream. Or, let go of the paddles and let the boat gently carry you downstream without any resistance, while you enjoy the beautiful sunshine and nature along the way…


~ by gilli moon

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