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Friday, August 20, 2004

finding the warrior within Aug 04

matt thorne and i have been working on loops for the album and i'm really having a ball. i've recorded tim davies' drums for most songs, but sometimes it's fun squashing them up in a box and adding weird sounds. i'm enjoying reversing symbols, and distorting sounds just to carry the rebellious theme along. on another tangent, i've been reading alot of books on the Toltec warrior lately. I've got links on my warriorgirl page. The Four agreements are particularly interesting: 1. be impeccable with your word 2. don't take things personally 3. don't make assumptions 4. always do your best The silent warrior is in all of us. it's not about war, nor fighting and definitely not about struggle. it's about an inner peace and a whole lot of courage to face all fears in un-chartered waters, finding the path least travelled and at the same time, finding the path of least resistance. I take responsibility to my self. I follow a preserved set of personal freedoms. I am not without flaw, and in tolerating that i see and use my strengths. The warrior, the artist, the professional, can only be effective when free to make decisions on their own. The biggest secret is to do what you love most. Take on the Zen spirit! I am a warrior girl and I encourage everyone to tap into their warrior within. nice reading ;) g MORE

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