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Saturday, August 27, 2005

ADD ON to last email - Rustling the fire beneath to create magic

oh and what about that Neal Barbosa? Painting al night "live action SensuArt". He must have painted 15 canvases, splashing as we performing, ever ending. He was a constant art piece, moving and feeling the energy and fire of each artist all night long. the joy of the team, behind the stage too, that made it happen. Toni Koch who has completely out done herself as a promoter extraordinaire. You have arrived! Dennis Hoffman on merch, all night, who also drove us home at 3am when we lost our keys (long story). But what could possibly put a downer on such a magnificent night! The club, Todd the owner, Dina on door and tables, Mike the warrior sound man, Curtis back stage with musicians.. I mean, it was a powerhouse team. ... and again... the artists... you all just BLEW me away. See other email;) yay
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Is there such a thing as euphoria in this modern world? I am feeling on top of the world this sleepy Saturday morning as I recollect what an unbelievable night I just witnessed last night at The Mint in L.A


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    You are SUCH the WARRiOR GiRL... so passionate and energetic and.. oh yeah- TALENTED! "I'm a riot in my own living room..." I'm really getting into ALL the cool places you have to visit on your site. Hopefully I am one of many many many...

    Joanna DeVoe