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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rustling the fire beneath to create magic

Is there such a thing as euphoria in this modern world? I am feeling on top of the world this sleepy Saturday morning as I recollect what an unbelievable night I just witnessed last night at The Mint in L.A
We had not 20, but 21 fabulous artists performing to celebrate the launch of the Females On Fire  compilation Cd and I am just OVER the moon about it. Why? Because each and every artist just BLEW me away. Everyone was amazing. They touched me, my soul, my inner fire. They made me remember why I love music, why I love ENTERTAINMENT, why I love the magic of "putting on a show". This show was one of the best I was able to help create and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such amazing talent and wonderful lights.
When we went through the sea of artist submissions to be on the CD, we chose what we felt were the strongest of the artists that came through and also those who showed commitment in their own careers, who were ready to put their best foot forward, who were serious about taking their music, their art, to the next level. And they all invested into the project, with more than what is required. They invested their HEARTS. Every artist talked about the Females On Fire CD on stage last night as if it were their own babies, and IT IS. It's working. This feeling of ownership, of joy to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves, beyond our own four walls of ego-centric art making, is what ART is all about. SHARING. Being part of the bigger picture, the bigger world... and in this case a fabric interwoven of artists that are timeless, professional, exceptional, full of love and grace and style, and pizzazz and punk and rock, and sensitivity, and melancholy, and action and passion.... all of it. These artists were all of it.... from 7.30pm till 2am, WE ROCKED THE MINT.
The house was full. People stayed till the very end. They STILL wanted more?!!!!!!?! We had to ask them to leave at 2am. Oh my god. What a night!
Penelope Torribio, sensitive and fiery at the same time, opened the show. Kris Miller stirred my passions and she sang so strong. Kelen on percussion and singing, blonde hair, lovely voice. So unique. Laura, that amazing girl with a voice that soars, Jamie Green, got the groove going for us. She is a rock goddess. People started dancing and it wasn't even 8.30pm yet!! Harmonies, rocking band! Alpha Cat.. lovely Elizabeth all the way from NY, gave us her deep, sensitive songs. People were like, "who is THAT? Wow". Then a guest spoken word piece by Antoinette Valente. The house was silent. Riveted! Vertigo Moon with Dawnia and Kim and a full band I'd never heard. Sharon on the electric violin. The Mint was packed by now and no one could resist moving and grooving. I got up to perform as the second "moon" in the show and didn't know how to even compare to what i was witnessing. But I was swirled into the magic and I loved the energy up there. Didn't you?! Then came Cindy Alter, back from South Africa, a voice a punk rocker in my heart, she always touches my soul. Holly Light, so light, so soulful, with her bluesy voice and fabulous guitar playing. Songs just suck me in every time.
Then guest spoken work J Walker,our fiery male, just made sense of it all. Speaking of pop culture and following the true fire in our bellies, delivering real songs, real messages, he hit home that we were here for something bigger than just ourselves. This show was education, it was about clarity and about sharing our secrets to an audience that We were strong, We have a voice, We fight the mainstream, the lowest common denominator, that we express music and songs that Can and Will be heard. Wow I'm on a roll, and it's still early! I should be sleeping...
Dina Gathe, now she's a punk rocker and she shows it. Her songs are hot. The band was on. Our hands were all in the air. Then came Little Sista. 3 girls up front dancing, singing, harmonies, rocking, grooving. I was at my plateau by now. Willow, who began her set with a warrior girl anthem... she defined it all for us, our strengths, what we need to survive this business, how we go out there, with our beliefs in ourselves, with our inner strengths. Willow was spiritual, she was groovy and fantastic. Celeste Lear had that unique edge that just balanced it all. It was getting late, and we were getting into the midnight our. Celeste took us on that journey of dark, yet also light, musical magic. Kim Erin came out and her soaring, beautiful gorgeous voice just lifted me higher. I was now in heaven. tch,.... trippy, interesting, quirky, vibrant. Lizzie, glamour, white and silver, blonde hair, she brought the rock back in for the late night lovers who were Still here wanting wanting wanting More More! Then Jackie Bristow, guest from Australia, brought it down, to a nice finale, with her sweet, tender love songs. We started to relax and know the night was coming to a sweet, soulful end. And finally Aussie Matt Ellis, magnificent male as a book end for a fabulous female night, .. he gave us some great songs, so humble, and so perfect.
Perfect. this night was perfect. And I thank each and every one of the artists who made it happen, from promoting it, bringing their friends, leaving their egos at the door to just be part of the tapestry that was the Females On Fire night.
And now, we begin promoting the CD out to the wider world. We hope they feel the magic.
gilli moon

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