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Friday, October 21, 2005

back in los angeles and work to be done...

Back from an east coast tour, and getting ready to head up north for the Rockrgrl Seattle conference, I'm happily ensconced in Los Angeles developing these wonderful living room sessions @ The Mint, ., PLUS producing 3 more tracks with Holly Light for her upcoming album, and preparing for Dina Gathe's album on 2nd Dec. Both artists are extraordinary Females On Fire artists and I have had such a pleasure working with them. Check them out at . Welcome all the new fans from ITALY who joined my email list after the story was printed in La Republicca. Wow that was a cool day of receiving sudden enews sign ups! for the story in Italian. So, where to begin. Well coming off the road is kind of draining. One gets rather fragile being back in one's nest egg, because we tend to live on adrenalin from one city to the next. To be frank, when I got back to l.a, after 5 weeks on the road, i was sick as a dog, laid up in bed for at least 3 days and then another 7 to get over a cold and cough. weird. mind you, the weather has changed here in sunny california, to blistery, windy, and rainy. weird again! i've been working on this whole "freedom" thing and really enjoying wyne dyer's book "the sacred self". it's one of his earlier books where he's starting to delve into the idea of "removing the ego" and "becoming the observer". a lot about quantum physics, with a lot of spirituality and creativity mixed in. i noticed in my performance at the Mint last week that i had a total out of body experience, similar to what i'm reading, where i felt like i was observing myself from above, at a distance. the performance was way more energized, and completely left of center/quirky. don't know if that's a good thing, but i felt uplifted and the set became a performance happening in itself. we are at the Mint again Sunday night. i'm really enjoying this club, with the new decor, management, and awesome cuisine. the whole "living room" vibe works. very nice. well, more later...

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  1. Hi Gilli,

    There is nothing without work.
    It is hard to move somewhere knowing noone and becoming known.