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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Seattle WA: "do not block the intersection"

I was driving home last night in sherman oak california and i stopped at the stop sign and began to stare at the sign: "DO NOT BLOCK THE INTERSECTION" it said. I began to think about that. do not block. block. block what? then I saw a car number plate with NWT. What does that mean? Nought? nothing? No thing? Maybe, "know it" maybe "no way through". maybe all of the above.

I think it's time to unblock the road blocks. Being at the intersection of life, we have a road map of past travels, and so many choices to make for our future. The only way to make the right decision as to which way to go, is to let go, be open, and then the answer comes to us. I wrote a poem about frequency to that higher place, while i was in Seattle. It was 5 pages long and i wrote it while connected to my higher spirit watching amazing Songsalive! artists perform on stage... and then i gave my poem to a friend, because he needed it more than me. it was a nice gift to give. GIFTS comes to us and gifts we give. the ebb and flow of life. i read a little of my new york blog post from sept and this part of the poem catches my soul right now:

"the innocence of children reminds me that i must look at life through a child's eyes at all times to survive my own ambition. now what? NOW. Now is WHAT. i breathe in i submerge to dreamland to breathe some more and feel the blue sky beating it's heat reminding me of life and love and california and passion surging, coursing through me . i live an extraordinary life. give me another slice." (more at

I just got back from Seattle. A magical place, with rain and water and orange leaves falling for the winter. Mists rising, polite traffic and a creativity that hums across the city and opens my inner mind. Seattle was a really impactful weekend. The Rockgrl conference ( was full on and I couldn't get enough of it. I spoke on a songwriting panel with veteran's in the songwriting world, and I felt i was the lone ranger representing the new frontier of WHAT'S NEXT. It was empowering. Sue Ennis (songwriter for Heart), Wendy Waldman ("Save the Best for Last" Vanessa Williams), Harriet Schock (Helen Reddy) and Jenny Yates (writer for Garth Brooks). And then there was me. "How to write a hit song?" was the question of the day. What is a hit really? Is it the greatness of that piece of prose that touches our hearts and fills our minds with dreams and passion? Or is it how corporate conglomerates push and shake the apple tree that they grew and force consumers to like what they pay them to hear???? I say the latter. I say the music world has changed. We can no longer rest on our laurels of times forgot but be warriors, self-empowered all encompassing artists with a vision who can be business savvy and know where the real world is... now. I was alone in thought on this subject as my cohorts rattled off their success stories. Notwithstanding, i was inspired by them and their words and i learned something: songwriting, being a songwriter, hasn't changed over the years. we are all still creative spirits channelling the higher self and wanting reaction, an audience. finding that audience has changed now. that's all. the rest stays the same. inspiring..... thank you wonderful women.

I went to a few workshops at Rockrgrl. One was about podcasting. i'm so inspired to embrace this new technology. i have already developed 3 podcasts. one about my music which is at one for my warrior girl music and females on fire artists at and one for Songsalive! elite members at to think that each and every one of us can become a radio programmer and people can subscribe to our taste in music is just simply amazing.

One of the most beautiful gifts that i received was a Minarik Guitar. I was in the exhibition room and Bill Minarik came over and was enchanted that I was there. He had been a long time fan. He literally handed me an endorsement and asked me to choose an electric guitar. I naturally chose the most beautiful one, a honeyburst Minarik GODDESS that is 1 out of only 25 special edition honeybursts in the world, (4 were left handed) and they never will be made again. Ecstatic. I've always longed to incorporate electric guitar playing into my life and my live show. I think acoustics are too cumbersome for me and i want to experiment with the melodics of an electric that i have come to know and love so well when producing in the studio. so... it's time to embrace this dream!

I had many gifts this past weekend. And the most important gift was what was waiting for me when I got back to l.a. but i won't go into that yet because it's a secret... ;) for now, i leave you with this final mantra of the day: be open. be open. be open to the divine forces, for when you are, many gifts come to you. xxx gilli

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