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Saturday, December 01, 2007

gearing up for quiet aussie bush creativity

November was a rockin' good time in Hollywood. It's amazing what a warriorgirl can get up to in a month! It all started when I said "I'm taking a break". Well, no one would let me have a break! I was imagining cozy nights by the fire and by day, dabbling in a few song writings and little stuff. But I couldn't stay away from the limelight.

Beginning of November I exhibited some of my acrylic paintings at the Magdalene Center in North Hollywood. I'm a rare art exhibitionist (contrary to my music where I'll push it anywhere and everywhere ;). Art to me is very private and personal. So this was probably my 3rd exhibition in my whole life. It was really nice and nurturing.

Soon after, I spent 4 days at the Taxi Road Rally, one of the best songwriters conferences on the planet. We had a Songsalive! booth, also highlighting my book, and I conducted my very own Artist Empowerment Workshop, all about DIY marketing, touring and promotion. I had a blast and I am really touched by all the artists who personally commented about their experiences in my workshop. Thank you to those who attended.

On Nov 12 warriorboy marketing guru Bob Baker (from St Louis) and I hosted our first workshop today. I think it was a success and we held it at the Brewery Art Complex in downtown LA which was very unique. Not many people venture downtown in general, but this night had all the brightest artists out for an illuminating workshop.

photo: Gilli Moon and Bob Baker present a workshop in Philip Horváth's fantastic loft space at the Brewery Art Complex in Los Angeles. Cool space, cool people. Photo by Pooki.

2 days later I had the awesome honor in opening the Jeff Buckley Tribute concert at the Keyclub. What a night. Jack Osbourne introduced me after Mary Guibert, Jeff's mother, said a few words. The room was packed. Over 500 people for sure. I could hear a pin drop as Andy Cat (bass) and I performed Jeff's sentimental tune Lilac Wine. You can watch my performance on youtube here, taken by my Flip video sleith J.Walker. The official video will be playing on very soon.

I have to admit that I'm very blessed to be based in Los Angeles. In one week I held an art exhibition, spoke at a music conference, ran my own artist empowerment workshop downtown, and performed at the Keyclub to 500 people.

What next? Some quiet Australian time with family, finishing my 2nd book (I promise I will get this completed!), completing the Females On Fire 3 compilation, finishing an album with J.Walker called Skillz, and... getting some aussie sun.

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