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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'm grateful for my life. I have lived a thousand years. I've struggled. I've overcome. I've achieved. I look at my life and I realize that LIFE (l.i.f.e) is more than just an accolade.

It's the journey. I sometimes think I'm a broken record when it comes to discussing the importance of the "journey", but in essence it's the truth. We need to live more in the moment of our lives, rather than what the outcome may bring. For, how can we secure that outcome? We have no control over it. All we can control is this moment.

I have spent this past year raising a boy and a girl, my twin babies. In an ordinary world, that is ALL I should be able to muster, but I have somehow also found the capacity to generate an income for our family, come close to finishing the recording of my 7th album, coach approximately 10 artist clients a month, run a monthly showcase residency featuring awesome songwriters each month and perform myself, project manage several projects with a leading digital/internet fortune 500 company on a weekly basis, host the childrens' first birthday party including having family visit from overseas, write several articles including this blog, and run a 501)c)3 non profit organization for songwriters. Yes, i have done all this. (I'm sure I missed a few things).

I am grateful for my life. For my achievements. For my CAPACITY. For going through the motions; the process of my life and DELIVERING.

Even in my darkest times (and believe me, having had twins and raising them in their first year there are many), I SEE THE LIGHT. I am so ever grateful for having the opportunity to be WHO I AM and discovering life in a NEW WAY with my children to show ME the way.

Thank you humble universe for enlightening me once again.

to leave you with
I cannot tell you how amazed i am at our babies each day. you may think i'm all creative with music, but honestly, the most creative i've ever done is produce these little wonders. my time is spent with them mostly, but yet i am in the world producing, recording, project managing, creating, coaching and being. still, my world revolves around them until they know how to be independent. it will take some time and meanwhile i will love every second. i do not regret one hour spent in the middle of the night nursing, or one hour in the day where food is spilled all over them or me. i continually pick up toys off the floor and i do each pick up with glee in my heart. i am in love in love in love with natalie and jackson, and of course my husband and partner for life, jeff (j.) walker.  we are a great quartet.

~ gilli

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