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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Singing and Writing - my new daily habit

i can’t tell you why I am where I am. It just is. Twenty years, give or take, I’ve been on the quest of self-actualization as an artist. Two things have remained constant - I can sing. And I can write. I write good songs. I sing great. Where does that get me? I don’t know. All I know is I continue the quest of self-realization.
We cannot foresee the wind. And I cannot manipulate fate. I don’t know the answers. I don’t have the secret key. I cannot tug the puppet strings, nor pull any levers. I am who I am. A singer. And a songwriter. I do what I do. Sometimes I pull back, retreat (raise twin toddlers for a moment in time), and other times I traject into that wind, or storm or however you want to see it, and whoosh up some leaves. Whatever that day’s energy, I continue to be who I am, and act the way I can act.
I do know that I am listening more to the world around me. I’m taking it in. Right now, I’m in retreat mode,…. listening. I’m silently creating, listening, watching, and soon,… responding.
The most important thing is to TRUST in the process. To not get sidetracked, or sideswiped. To not give in to the forces around. To not stagnate. Nor, to not get caught up in feeling like you have to keep up with the Jones’. I live in Los Angeles. It’s easy to think you are supposed to be like all those rich and famous people who happen to be neighbors. It can throw you for a loop: thinking you should be like them, ‘coz you’re in this city.
Fear not - do not get sidetracked. Think only what is for you. Stay true to the beat of your own drum.
I, for one, am drumming. I’m beating. I pulse from within. I have so much to offer,.. still. You cannot keep me down. You cannot thwart my force.
I am so close to refresh, I’m bursting with joy. The new album is coming together. Slowly, surely,.. at it’s time and pace. Don’t force it. It will come, along with all the marketing shenanigans that it needs.
For now, I wait. And create. I sing. I write. I will sing and write. Count me in. You got a singing gig or a writing gig? I’m there. I have all the singing and all the writing ready to unleash. I’m full of the song. If Sting said I need a singer, or Peter Gabriel said I need a songwriter, I would be the right fit. If I felt the wind, I’d even sign up for “The Voice”. I am all of it, but specific to singing and writing. I write. I sing. I love both so equally and profoundly - and when combined, it is just PURE MAGIC.
Meanwhile, listen to this album -  It’s my favorite right now. Adam Levine has certainly gone up a few notches in my book:"V", Maroon 5….

I wrote the above one Sunday morning when I felt so, so invigorated. I was in the vortex. I was feeling aligned with my inner spirit. But I don't always feel like this.

How do we not let anything or anyone thwart our force? How can we stay in alignment to our true passion, so much so that it makes our heart skip a beat, our eyes light up and our day feel so new?

How do we make our dreams come alive, even when we don't know how to get there?

It starts with one daily habit. Just one.

If a man was in hospital after, let's say, an accident, and currently couldn't walk - what is going to help that man walk again? He gets remedial therapy every day in hospital. He could either feel sorry for himself and feel terrible about his predicament. Or, he could say to himself constantly, "I will walk!"

I am sure that with the attitude of the latter, he will walk way sooner than in his lament. You see, this is an attitude habit. Each day, we can wake up and set our priorities for the day that include how we feel. Here are some for you to consider building into your daily morning practice:

"Today, I will go through the day with a joyful attitude and a skip in my step. Nothing will phase me."
"Today, I will realize one dream, one goal"
"Today, I will spend x minutes/hours on playing my favorite instrument" (reading a book, listening to music, watering the flowers,.. you can change this part)
"Today, i will eat a piece of fruit and fuel my body with nutrients"
"Today, I will kiss my husband at least 5 times, when he least expects it."
"Today, I will sing. I will sing. I will sing. I will sing."

Create your inspiring daily habit, and watch your world become aligned to who you really are and who you want to become. Feeling good is the first step to any place.



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