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Friday, January 27, 2006

Be it.

It's confusing sometimes to know how we are supposed to get out there. Is there a road map to follow? There is no plan. Most of us feel we can only proclaim to be anything if we are earning a living from it. If we can make money from our music then we are so-called professional artists. Until then we sit in our little cubicles at work earning an income we resent because it's not from a job we a repassionate about, and procrastinate about doing what we prefer to do.
But nothing is done unless you endow it first. That means, that if you are a songwriter and you want to earn money from your songwriting, then you have to write songs first. Even working a part time job, or full time, you can still find time to write songs, even record them. Heck put the cd out there too. The job might be able to fund it if you're good at saving.
You have to BE the person before you can DO anything. Just by being that person you will begin to think in the right way, and your intentions will manifest to action and immense creativity, which then brings opportunity and an amazing adventure.
There are no cosmic lessons to learn by sticking to a mundane life and only dreaming. You need to enact!
No reason to rationalize the why-nots. Be courageous and just get out there.
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