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Monday, January 09, 2006

Levels to Nowhere

Some people around me, like managers, producers and team members, believe that they have the authority and know how to say they “want to take me to the next level” as an artist. But I want to challenge this. Whilst it’s flattering that they wish to do something of the sort, I ask them, “and what level might that be?” If I were to attach my notion of success to commercial success or any kind of token reward, then I might buy into the notion that I need to go up a level or two to reach that success.

  But I’m successful already. I define success on my own terms. I don’t believe in “levels”. I see our creative journey as simply that, a wonderful journey, and I don’t feel like I have to climb the steps to any pearly gates in order to be a better artist or be successful. So… in my opinion, there is no level to climb. It’s all one level.

  I find it bizarre that others think that their expertise and know-how is what is going to take me anywhere better than I already am. I can only say that understanding fully that I am a student of life, that I am always learning and I always am open to reaching my highest potential.

  However, no person is qualified to be our personal savior in this life nor has the ability to “make us” a star or “take” us anywhere we aren’t already supposed to be. This is universal law. Only you yourself can do that for you. This is your journey. Taking ownership of your success and creative freedom and being fully accountable and responsible for your own growth, is what is appropriate. Besides, anyone who is around you, whether it’s your manager, producer, mentor or office assistant, have their own objectives and motives in the co-creation process with you, and so they should! You wouldn’t want someone to be in your creative life just to help you. You would want them to seek their own potential in that too. This is “inter-dependence”, when two or more creative beings come together to a middle ground to create something beautiful and powerful.

  We are all equal in co-creation. In that, we are all assisting and supporting each other’s creative vision and to shine our best in ourselves. Instead of accepting that someone is there to “take you to the next level”, why not see your relationships as a glorious opportunity for everyone, not just you, to achieve their highest potential in that co-creation.

  Next time someone tries to push their ideas on you simply because they “want to take you to the next level”, ask them… “and what may I do for you my dear friend?”

  There are no levels. You are exactly where you need to be, right now.

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