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Monday, January 02, 2006

the advent of a new book

I have decided to write a book this year based on my diary excerpts. I thought about going back in time and just finding the excerpts to re-print. But what I feel is more appropriate is a more current state of consciousness for this book, and then I can insert some stories, anecdotes and old diary memoires while travelling, into this year's diary, which I will then publish when I've finished writing enough. It could go all year. It may be completed earlier. I guess my purpose is to tangibly capture some thoughts and inspirations in a colloquial diary form, that are normally considered private material... a personal journey.... but the philosophy and ideas that come out might become motivation for you. Who knows. I'm going to embark today, January 3, of an exciting new year, and see what comes. I have a feeling I'll want to insert some poems, some lyrics to songs, some old writings I hid in scrapbooks in my closet. They'll all come out, somehow, in some way, as I navigate through my ongoing entries. I presume that if you come across an entry that doesn't inspire you, you can turn to the next. My daily moods, wanderings and thoughts will certainly influence what I write about that particular day, I'm sure. I'll probably delve into a bit about the music industry, my experiences day to day, and points to consider if you are an artist and you are on a similar path. If you're not an artist, you might find the spiritual thoughts and philosophies of some interest, reminding you what you might already know. Who knows? All I know is it's time to put it all down and having some daily reflections posted. Besides, this is a good discipline for me to write on a daily basis.
So sit back, relax, enjoy the read and let's see what transpires.

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