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Sunday, January 29, 2006


 The only obstacle we have with time, is what we place on ourselves.
 Time for one's artistry has often been an obstacle for many professional artists. "I never get the time to write," I hear them say. I've even said it myself.
 The fact of the matter is that it is up to you to create that time for your artistry, even if that means being strict with your time management. Some feel that they can't take on a full time job, because then they wouldn't have time to create. But not getting enough income in can even be a bigger obstacle in having time to create. You spend more time worrying about money and not creating!
 When I decided to take on a full time job at one point in time, having had enough of being poor, I began to realize that I was able to make the time to create. The full time job put me into a schedule, a routine. And in that routine I created pockets of focused time to create. I ended up recording (having the money to record) and promoting 2 albums during my time as a full-time wage earner. I felt secure, and I felt empowered that I was in control of my music and product, because I could pay for it to own the masters.
 Time can be an obstacle, but it's us that creates the obstacle. Putting your mind to the task at hand can allow you to create mountains of creativity.
 It's up to you.

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