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Thursday, January 05, 2006

that little voice called fear

The voice of the fallen angel is so loud, sometimes we can't hear the other voice that is silent, the truth. Inside us we have a voice that never believes you are good enough, telling you why you don't deserve success, why you can't trust, why you are not perfect. That voice is lying, and the only power it has is the power you give it.
I tell you my story up till now based on a perspective I had about myself. It was written, as it was felt then, with that little voice inside me speaking. I believed in that voice that told me lies about myself. But it's only a story. The truth is, I have lived a perfect life.
The only suffering, or scarcity, or frustration I ever felt was due to me believing in that voice's story. To be honest, I have always had everything I needed, I have been loved and nurtured, I have had many opportnities and some most would never dream of having.
Much of my disgruntlement was based on fear. I was living a thirty year long childhood, and when I hit thirty I stood face to face with myself, I looked into the eyes of truth. It's all about perspective.
The truth sets us free.
This doesn't mean that all of you who are reading this have to wait till you're thirty to have this revelation. I hope not. If you can catch that little voice early, you can thwart any frustrations and hesitations you may encounter as an artist.
In retrospect, I should have stood behind my first album, "Girl in the Moon", and released it officially. I could have set up my record company back then and just put it out there. But I was afraid to do it on my own. I thought I needed a record company, or other people who knew better than me, to put it out to the world. So I didn't release it, and I didn't stand behind it. I apologized for it, made excuses as to why it wasn't good enough, and listened to TOO many people who judged it.
Seek no one else's approval but your own.
No fear

 No matter where we are, no matter what our circumstances are, or who we are surrounded by.. it's up to us to make the best of our situation... to put on that smile and to see the beauty of the glorious opportunities life brings to us.
 These opportunities come in ways we least expect, and may take us to destinations we never expected or thought possible, and yet will be wondrous and full of adventure if we can see the positive side of
 We all have trials and tribulations. We all have time constraints. We all have responsibilities. We can go through hardships such as financial, personal, career-wise, circumstantial. Yes, many things can thwart us, detour us, scare us, just freak us out. And sometimes what we may go through as a hardship, maybe someone else's unrealized dream. It's about realizing that what we have in our hands quite possibly could be the best thing that's ever happened to us.
 Live with No Fear
 Live in the moment and surrender to the amazing opportunities that the universe is busting to deliver us
 No matter where you are, let's manifest the positive, the joy
 Be passionate about what you do, because passion is everything
 Be ambitious and go for what you truly want
 Dream your dreams - because dreams can come true
 We are just at the beginning and there is so much for all of us.

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